Features we need Nokia 6

Photos Video Player Nokia Gallery . Music Express Nokia. File Manager Nokia Auto Clean And Anti Virus protection software Nokia.

Features we need Nokia 6

System System
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Photos Video Player Nokia Gallery . Music Express Nokia. File Manager Nokia Auto Clean And Anti Virus protection software Nokia. Software and Camera Effects Nokia. Night Screen Mood Nokia. Black Bar Quick Settings Nokia. Screen Mirror with Smart TV. In the future Day Dream.


  • JamieP JamieP
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    Those are features YOU think YOU need.........

    I don't want MY phone filled up with bloatware I don't want.

    That's the whole point of stock Android - you can configure and customise your phone however you want.

    Now if Nokia develop and make apps available so that people who want them can choose to download that's a different story.

  • Muser Muser
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    That's a good idea, some of these apps are already preinstalled on Nokia 6 variants without Google Play. Having core apps like a file manager preinstalled or available for download on all devices would be great for usability and overall userbase security.

  • Jamie P
    Perhaps you have master card to buy apps from Google play store, I have not and I don't like to download apps full adss.
    Every smartphone has their apps pre installed.
    First Google Photos needs to much time to open and internet, and if you aren't careful it will "eat" your data. We have not free wifi in Greece.
    Second The Google Music is not free and poor.
    Third The Google Moovie is not for the Europe but for the USA that has Chrome Cast. Other thing If Google Moovie does not play my videos my media generally what to do with it.
    Fourth We need screen Mirror for our simple TV smart
    Missing a lot of things from Nokia, is very poor phone.
  • User981, you should have done better research before buying the phone. If you wanted a feature-rich phone with a suite of applications pre-installed then you should have checked beforehand. Stock Android is one of the selling points of the phone - this means minimal stock apps.

    My point still stands though. Nokia/MMD could, if they so chose, develop all the apps you want and make available, for free, on the PlayStore but only run on Nokia phones. This way you could get the apps you want - and others don't get apps they don't want and everybody's happy.
  • Jamie P
    You make me to get tired. Good appetite with your phone
  • Muser Muser
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    user981 - are you trying to use Miracast on your TV? If so, that was removed from Android by Google. Does your TV manufacturer have an app on Google Play that you can use?

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