Unable to transfer files over USB cable

Hi all,

I have new Nokia 6.1 and I'm not able to connect it to my Lenovo laptop properly. It will always show it is charging, but Windows 10 will never recognize device and won't open it as storage device. I tired to reload with cable connected, it will show Android connected for a second and than disappear from connected devices. I enabled developer functions and enabled storage transfer as default option. 

Anyone got the same issue? Any other suggestions?


  • nitinkachare
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    @Danny Czech can you share some pictures for better idea.I can connect my nokia 6.1 on my pc i.e.Windows 7 without any issue.You have to set your lock screen time to max level and in unlock mode and also you keep on usb debugging and default usb configuration on file transfer.if your device is in lock mode then it will not show on computer.Make sure you are using original type c cable.
  • Danny Czech
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    I'm not sure what you mean by unlock mode (probably unlocked screen?). I enabled USB debuging (Ladění USB in my language). When I compare with my previous experience with Android devices, this shouldn't be needed. Android should connect even with screen locked and once you will unlock screen you should select in notification which type of connection you want.

    At this point I'm not sure if Nokia disabled file transfer by purpose or not.

    File transfer (přenos souborů) is also selected. Pictures attached.

    Outcome is the same. Once cable is connected, phone will play sound and nothing will happen.

    Tried this, didn't help - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haVCzx7d4xg

  • @Danny Czech today i have connected my device on Windows 10 and copying my data i.e. 1.5Gb on that pc with above-mentioned screen shot.Make sure windows firewall off and allow usb permission if you have antivirus.
  • @Danny Czech do you connect other phone on same pc or not.Please allow to install all plug and play driver of Nokia Device.After Successfully Finished Drivers Installation it will works.
  • I borrowed original charger and cable from my friend today. I found out issue is with USB-C cable. I'll need to submit warranty claim. But thanks anyway for suggestions.
  • @Danny Czech Thanks for confirmation...
  • Just update the firmware of the device and then scan for the virus and you will get the solution even it doesn't work then contact Antivirus Support for the assistance so that you will get the proper solution.
  • As I already stated, issue was faulty USB-C cable. I already sent it out to manufacturer. So even if you are right, I can't verify it now.
  • Hello,i need help her i bought a nokia 2.3 in December 2019,i use to tranfare data and tethering internet to my desktop then suddenly it stoped

    I am not able to use it any more for usb tethering .kindy advice

  • This happened for me too. My phone was on safe mode.

    Restart your phone and hold volume down key. Go to startup menu and get out of safe mode. Use volume up & down keys and choose"START" then press the power key.