Nokia 6.1 Plus – General FAQs Thread



  • there are bugs in the cast duplicate the screen but shows only green colour.....
    & its a humble request to nokia to add a call recording & screen recording option..........
    ....Thank you......

  • After latest security patch update i.e. December security patch I am facing the issue to layglag, I had to give restart to resolve the issue also for deleting message it is taking time.
  • After pie update, almost everything works well for me, except sometime there are glitches appear, for example when I watch YouTube while replying whatsapp in pop-up notification.
  • Microphone sound quality is very poor. Please solve my problem.
  • After pie update battery draining faster than before. Games lag at times. Severe heating problem while playing games. Phone unusually hangs. Kindly attend these issues.

  • I am facing a lot of problems in my Nokia 6.1plus after Android pie update.Please take this as serious issue and solve it.
    Some of my problems are 
    1.My touch vibration is not working properly
    2.App crashes (including sysesy apps)
    Also minor bugs and lags,in fact my is OS crashes (system UI- Not responding).
  • After the Pie update, the Vibration isn't working for both ring and notifications, as it's a very important fearture.
    Please FIX IT !
    And the cast detects my smart TV, gets connected and the sound's coming but the screen appears to be green..
    And they say I need chrome cast for the heck of it, SERIOUSLY !.
    I think HMD hear but don't listen.
  • Try this step bro.It's works On Android Pie.
    1.Developer Options~Networking~Wireless display certification~On.

  • i think they are they are going to give a update... !!
    didnt any one knows about the next update..
    my pblms ond videocall & app opening lags
  • Move from Xiaomi/MIUI because of bugs, get more bugs in Nokia instead.

    Remember, this is NOKIA!!!
  • Can someone show me how to mute camera on LINE ? I already turn off shutter sound on setting - camera, but when i take photo on LINE still hear that camera sound. Ty before
  • While using my Nokia 6.1 plus device, eye strain (itching, red eye) happens within 30 mins of usage. If anybody facing the same please agree
  • Please give Ozo audio in Nokia 6.1 plus via next update......
    As Nokia helps ti enhance user Experience only Ozi audio is missing in Nokia 6.1 plus .... please give it.... Like & re-post it if you want Ozo 😍
    I think this might not be able since  audio productivity comes the day the phone was manufactured 
    Its like trying to tell nokia to convert from ips lcd to super oled in their next updates
    So sorry bruh unles yu have a custom app like a reference monitor from lets say  Sony for doloby or "nokia to miraculously develop one" say ozo reference monitor for non ozo nokia phones 

  • Charging speed is slow and battery is draining faster though adaptive control is enable. This is observed when my Nokia 6.1 Plus compared with friend's Nokia 6.1 plus. I observed it in 2-3 more times
  • After pie update..
    Vibration mode is not working. Very shameless problm 
    Pls workout on this
  • I would suggest Nokia to add screen color profiles due to very ugly white screen color and saturation. Its a MUST feature in android.
    Tnx in advance!  B)
  • Screen mirroring issue.. whole screen turns green ... I hope this bug will be resolved sooner
  • Wifi automatically starts... 
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    Whatsapp lagging problem is increasing day by day
  • Airtel 4G not working. Anybody has solution?
  • application keeps crashing, mobile is too much heating, is this all happening due to the pie update, I just took this phone 5 days ago