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Still have the same issue, the bottom part of touchscreen is unresponsive after a while I'm using gesture mode.

Bug List - Stable Android 9 Pie


  • macalll macalll
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    mrtn said:
    Nokia 7 Plus Pie OTA update has introduced two major problems: every 20-24 hours the bottom sixth of the screen becomes unresponsive. Reboot fixes immediately and it stays that way until the next 20-24h cycle.

    Still have the same issue, the bottom part of touchscreen is unresponsive after a while
    I'm using gesture mode.

    Have someone an info for a patch delivery ?
  • Aakash Aakash
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    Hi Nokia7plus users,
    I need your help 
    I request you all to email this Nokia7plus serious issues link to Nokia so that we can grab their attention.

    Email Id: [email protected]

    Link of Issues: https://community.phones.nokia.com/discussion/9434/serious-issues-of-nokia-7-plus-users-of-nokia7plus-please-have-a-look/p1
  • gurubai said:
    OTG not detected in this update. Previous update OTG was worked flawlessly

  • Manik Barai Manik Barai
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    I havr some problems after Android 9 update, the list are given bellow:
    1. phone hange and stop touch working.
    2. hitting issue.
    3. Battery chage down.
    4. apps open slow.
    5. Reboot take long time.
    6. sometime show,SystemUI not .      respond,quickstep not repond.

    my phone model is TA-1046. Before this update when I have 8.1 it was so smooth and good. please sloved it nokia quick

    If anyone face this problem, comment on this. thanks  
  • I woud like to return to Oreo. Is there any way without unlocking the boatloader?
    Pie has too many bugs.
    Low priority:
    -No date in notifications in light theme.
    -Display of shortcuts in notification bar if font is set to large. Pic:

    Very annoying:
    -I have to restart phone every two days for many reasons:
    Torch wont work
    Alarm wont stop playing sound after turning off
    Phone stop responding
    Camera need too much time to open
    Camera wont take picture

    I have done factoring reset after pie update.
    Now I am on december security patch.
    Please help.
  • One more:
    Finger print sensor do not work every time.
  • tomekz tomekz
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    Navigation bar freezing, 0-20% brightness, double tap to walk,
  • tomekz tomekz
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    automatic brightness
  • i am also facing This issue. Alarm sound won't stop even after dismissal of alarm. On others option but to restart the device.
    Anyone has solution to this?
  • Es normal que haga eso no se supone deberían desaparecer los iconos de atras
  • liftedcorn liftedcorn
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    I have no idea about other issues, but the live Bokeh in stock camera is surely degraded, it was amazing previously. Now, it can't even detect the edges of the object properly. 
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