SD card problems

Since I update my Nokia 3 (2017) phone weeks ago, I noticed that the SD card is used only as for media transfer, I've tried multiple times to figure out a way to use as internal storage so I could move apps into it but no luck 
Any help? Or anyone got the same problem?


  • jab
    jab ✭✭
    You can't use it as adoptable storage in 8.1
  • Omg!! so how can I move the apps?
  • jab
    jab ✭✭
    There's an option under Developer Options to force apps to external, there's a thread about it in the Nokia 6.1 forum. 
  • I definitely have the same problem, but Nokia does not do anything about it
  • Me pasa lo mismo u.u
  • If u turn option developer file encrypt, u can boot until home screen and unlock with password to starting android, cant make external storage to internal storage