GSMArena - 2018 Awards - Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 3.1 in nomination

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Hi everyone,

We are happy to let you guys know that the Nokia 8.1 and the Nokia 3.1 have been nominated by GSMArena (link) for best mid-ranger and entry level phones respectively. 

If you own a Nokia 3.1 or are thinking of buying a Nokia 8.1, then please feel free to share the love and vote in the linked poll! 




  • Voted for Nokia 3.1 and My Favorite Nokia 8.1
  • change the region to india for update 8.1 and come back to your region
  • nitheesh
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    Voted for Nokia 3.1 and 8.1  :)
  • I would gladly vote for the 3.1 if Nokia actually enabled VoLTE &VoWiFi in the firmware (as advertised) but at the moment it's disabled even on a carrier who supports both.
  • singhnsk
    singhnsk Super User
    Voted for both :) #BleedBlue
  • I did. 3.1 & 8.1.
  • Holder of nokia 3.1...its cool buh i think nokia8.1 wuld be betta though i havnt used it
  • I did... <3
  • wyk
    wyk ✭✭✭✭
    8.1 is getting compared with Mi a2... Should I vote on this page!  😆
  • Voted for both
  • I voted for for 8.1 and very happy to know that is is a winner that segment ,kudos Nokia ,keep up the good work, excellent device 8.1,people can call it whatever over priced they can but it is a true value flagship device which is very well balanced unlike some others in market emphasis in on either cpu or just pricing it ridiculously low compromising on lot of areas,best wishes to you
    At least I know when I am buying a Nokia for whatever price I am getting the quality
    Just improve your after sales support and marketing system at local offline level ,retailers have the company representatives demoing their products for eg Samsung,oppo,apple ,this is where I think Nokia is loosing a bit
  • مرحبا بعوده نوكيا 
    نحتاج توكيلات في محافظات مصر الصعيد
  • Frankly speaking except nokia 7 plus no other phones reached my expectations
  • Awesome! Loving my Nokia 7 plus! ♥️
  • wyk
    wyk ✭✭✭✭
    saradhi said:
    Frankly speaking except nokia 7 plus no other phones reached my expectations
    Exactly only this phone feels like oasis the crowded notch & glass back design. 
  • neng
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    @saradhi @wyk,
    Surely Nokia 7 Plus was one of the best creation from HMD and i also own one, but i still believe that Nokia 8.1 works for most of the part including improved camera, an all glass design (prone to fingerprints) which gives it more premium look and yes NOTCH (which is a trend for most phones in 2018). Even if one doesn't like notch much, it has some benefits like giving a better screen to body ratio so a better entertainment and viewing experience on your phone.
    One has to compromise something in some way and change perception a bit. Be positive!
    I am not sure how the designs will go about from this year, but yes some unique approaches to interesting concepts shall come up.

  • Honestly I'm not happy. I updated my software and it took away my lovely font style and I can't get it back. Screen looks funny to me and I'm getting depressed already.
  • madbilly
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    Well done to all the team at HMD :smiley:
  •  <3 voted fot both
  • 3.1 was a major disappointment for me. Slow and sluggish and waiting way to long for Pie. No go Nokia!!!
  • Nokia 8.1 available for sale on 18 Jan 2019 in my country (Malaysia), without any delay I have bought one. A great phone to have in my collections.
  • I will not vote for 8.1 because it does not allow screen control. Too many restrictions on a phone. useless
  • msharif77
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    Voted for Nokia 8.1 as the best smartphone of 2018.  <3<3<3
  • Voted for both the Nokia phones. Was excited seeing  Nokia 8.1 in lead.