Dolby atmos

Does Nokia 6.1 plus has Dolby Atmos ...and if it has then can we control Dolby Atmos setting manually ?

Dolby atmos

aditya 01 aditya 01
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Does Nokia 6.1 plus has Dolby Atmos ...and if it has then can we control Dolby Atmos setting manually ?


  • user1537967522209 user1537967522209
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    Nokia this is an humble request to you please in next update give Dolby Atmos in Nokia 6.1 plus..
    Without Dolby the sound experience is bad.plss
  • raghuvamshi raghuvamshi
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    In every android there is a seperate audio controls are there, like Samsung, LG, etc, in Nokia also we are getting android only, why there is no control of audio, and in previous version nokia mobiles there is a Dolby automs surround, what happened to Nokia 6.1 plus.

    Pls resolve this issue, without Dolby not good for me
  • plz provide dolby atoms for nokia 6.1 + device

  • Nokia pls provided Dolby atoms for 6.1 plus.....
  • Plz provide us dolby atmosphere sound
  • Yeah it's a humble request to u plz give atleast dolby atmos through ota/fota as quickly as possible
  • True , Dolby Atmos must have to be in 6.1 plus.
  • Plz add Dolby Atmos to Nokia 6.1 plus,
    The quality of the songs on the headphones are really bad , plz give this device the latest Dolby Atmos Support 
  • SixPointOnePlus SixPointOnePlus
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    I don't see the problem really, music sounds perfectly fine through Skullcandy JIBs and they're a CHEAP set of earbuds.
  • saradhi saradhi
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    Why Dolby is not available in Nokia 6.1 plus, I'm always like to listen to music, and i started Dolby from Nokia 720, this is very disappointment for me, now I'm not feeling good to listen with out the Dolby effect, Pls Nokia give an update with Dolby atoms
    I am also  enjoyed in my 720. And disappointed after they removed it
  • saradhi saradhi
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    I think now they can't include Dolby Atmos due to copyrights issue. We can only hope it will going to available in future.
    Otherwise they should launch a music phone like there once had NOKIA XPRESS MUSIC PHONE and include Dolby Atmos for it (atleast for that phone)
  • amanen1 amanen1
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    Dolby Atmos is not only piece of software but it is combined effort of S/W & H/W, Nokia 6.1 plus is not Dolby Atmos certified device, their no chance Nokia 6.1 Plus get such update. If someone is so much concern about sound please use 3rd party music FX like viper4android, but you have to unlock your device bootloader/root your device.
  • mranik mranik
    audio without dolby is meaningless... pls try to add this feature 
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