January Patch and 8.1

Hello, I was wondering when will Nokia push out the January Patch?

January Patch and 8.1

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I was wondering when will Nokia push out the January Patch? I'm really hoping Nokia keeps to their word and keeps updating the Nokia 8 on a timely monthly basis.

Also, when will 8.1 come out ?



  • LennartB LennartB
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    bump. Yes 8.1 please.

  •  You will receive January patch any day now.

    No word on Android 8.1 yet.

  • barros barros
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    January patch is out now!

  • Got a security patch this morning.
    97.3 MB
  • Conqueror Conqueror
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    I just downloaded and installed mine here in Nigeria.. 

  • January patch received on Nokia 8 TA-1004 (operator free) - Romania

  • Received it in Belgium (TA-1012, sim-free). GG Nokia.

  • spottech spottech
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    I'm in Belgium too and sim free but no update at this time
  • abecedario abecedario
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    Italy, TA1004: this is the first time that an update (january patch) is available in this country too at the same time with the rest of the world!

    I'm excited :)

  • naufrago naufrago
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    Not recieved yet (TA-1012, Turkey)
  • Unknown
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    Just a quick update, I got the January patch on my Nokia 8.. I'm in Bahrain. Impressed with the monthly patches thus far, however I still wish 8.1 was here. Honestly, I actually have a Pixel XL2 but it's stuck on the November patch and so no 8.1 there. Some weird problem is happening with OTA updates here in Bahrain when it comes to Pixel phones apparently, so I'm really considering moving to the Nokia full-time.  Let's see what happens.. 

  • Got it in Malaysia. :D

  • Vicky max Vicky max
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    I BUYED Nokia 8 on October 14, 2017. Their bring the Nokia 8 flagship by advertising the BOTHIE CAMERA people expected the camera is fantastic and buyed. After we realize that camera lovers hate it...till today their seriously didn't work about camera department.... suppose if Nokia seriously take this issue as a challenge they send update for camera but They're mostly focusing on upcoming models and cooking OREO for remaining hand sets... It's really shame of you NOKIA because it's your prestigious first FLAGSHIP after long sleep but their from long making CAMERA UI... But we miss lot of things due to its issue.
  • Installed january Patch in portugal
  • Have got this morning in UK on EE
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