Nokia 8 photo tagging corrupted in Pie

My Nokia 8 TA 1004 is not tagging photos properly, despite correct setup - I mean I’ve double checked my settings. It sometimes forgets to tag at all.
Anyone else with this problem?
I reported in detail to Support, who just gave me the soft and hard reset instructions. I’ve already tried the soft reset but do mot want to do a hard reset coz I don’t know how to be sure my backups will work.


  • martin.fd
    martin.fd ✭✭✭✭
    My TA-1012 already had the problem under Oreo that not always all tags were stored correctly ... but never found out when and why exactly?!
  • I'm setting off to the woods with my dog to try out tagging for the first time since a factory reset. More later, hopefully...
  • Tagging worked perfectly on my walk, which was in woodland with tall beech trees. All the tags were accurate to withon ca. 5-6 metres.
    I also recorded a track in Viewranger, 5 km, 1 hour no problems, even turning back and walking off the path. At least as good as in Oreo.
  • Now my phone is back to the post-Pie rubbish tags. Unless I “prime” the phone using a mapping app first, my location is often tagged as the last place I spent any length of time, this time home, 2 km away. Not good. Makes my phone more or less useless.