Phone Speaker is not working

My Nokia 6 speaker isnt working I cheked all the settings . but speaer still stucks

Phone Speaker is not working

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My Nokia 6 speaker isnt working I cheked all the settings .
but speaer still stucks


  • Yes same problem my nokia 6 speaker bottom is not working .. what happen and how to fix couse im buy my nokia in 2 weeks a go
  • Raulgrante Raulgrante
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    in my case, when the volume is low, from the lower speaker, an annoying noise is heard and it does not have a clean sound.
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    the sound volume I gave my initial hard give me the medium volume is all still normal after I give the loud volume of speakers the bottom speaker suddenly lost, how to fix it
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    Have any solution for this problem .. i try to resset my phone but is still not working
  • faced the same issue, when i checked with support team they told to visit nokia center, got my phone back after a week. Problem solved


  • In my phone I can hear notification sounds but I can't listen to music or make phone calls!

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    My Nokia 6 speaker isn't working I checked all the settings .
    but speaker still no working please sir answer me . What I do sir for that
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    Same here yesterday the dual stereo speaker does not working only upper speaker work.
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    My Nokia 6 only 5months i used this .so very dissapointing by nokia.
  • My Nokia 6 only 5months i used this .so very dissapointing by nokia.i tap the speaker in my finger the sound has came but it back to no sounds.
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    I have the same problem with Nokia 6. Less than a month since I bought the phone. Last night, my phone worked normally. This morning I got up and the speakers on the phone no longer work. Not the ringing, nor when I want to talk to someone. The "Ring volume" menu is increased almost to the end but is in gray (disabled).

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    My nokia 6 bottom speaker is not working i cant leasten to music by loud speaker. Or i cant make calls in speaker more..
    Why is this i checked for setting and also upgraded the software... Tried switching off and reboot several times. But still not fixes please let me know what to do...
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    Claim the warranty, send for repair ...

  • Dear All

    Does only the speaker bottom is not working?

    Thank you very much

  • Suggestion 1:  Wipe cache partition by accessing your phone's Recovery Mode:

    Suggestion 2:  Factory data reset:

    Suggestion 3:  Contact your local Nokia Care Center for repair:

  • Jonny Phoenix
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    A rep had me Clear the cache of the Google Play Services and it worked. Instructions below.

    Settings > Apps & notifications > App info > Google Play services > Storage > CLEAR CACHE.


    After that, do the same for...

    Settings > Apps & notifications > App info > SETTINGS > Storage > CLEAR CACHE. 

    Once you've done that, simultaneously hold the Power and Volume Up button for 10-15 seconds.

    The phone DOES NOT hard reset and NO data is lost. 

  • Dial *#*#372733#*#* and check the speaker

  • I can't believe there is no response from Nokia on this issue when it's a fairly common issue. 
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