Nokia 6.1 Plus – General FAQs Thread



  • Wps push and pin button is missing after upgrading to 9.1 android for nokia 7.1 mobile,which creates problems for connecting d internet
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    What is the right fastcharger for my phone?
    Use any QC3.0-certified charger.  I've used both the OG Pixel charger and a Comsol QC3.0 and both behave the same with Quick Charge enabled.
  • hey anybody know how to using Accessibility Menu on a hidden navigation bar?
  • I've stopped receiving bank OTPs through SMS. My other Android phone {motor 4} still gets those. Even the 6.1 plus got the messages earlier but now doesn't receive the messages
  • OTP SMS not received - BIG ISSUE
    Apps crashing like anything

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    😠😠Shocked UI is not responding
  • How to remove vibration while unblocking with fingerprint!
  • L

    You can see in these screenshots, the notification bar in landscape mode is not aligned. Please fix this. It's really irritating.
    Ya it's really irritating
  • Can I change default home screen? 
  • Im also not able to receive OTPs from yesterday. I upgraded to Pie yesterday night only.

    Is it really something to do with the upgrade??
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    Net is not running on mobile. SIM will put in another mobile, if the net is running, then what is the problem in the mobile and I have been taken in the mobile on 22/1/2019 please help me
  • When we nokia x6user get january update

    Own a Nokia 6.1 Plus? Need help with something? Please find below some of our most popular FAQs as well as links to our user guide and support app!




    Smart Lock does not work/ disappeared after the last update. How do I get it back? 

    Go to Settings > Security & location > Trust agents; disable Smart Lock and restart your phone. After the restart enable Smart Lock again and your Smart Lock should be up running again.


    Why are there no specific Nokia built in apps? 

    Nokia 6.1 Plus is part of our ‘pure, secure and up-to-date’ pledge. This means providing a ‘pure Android’ experience, without any pre-installed apps or skins. Our consumers can pick exactly what applications they want on their phones.


    When do I get the new Security Patch? 

    Google’s Security Patches are released monthly and depending on the hardware in your phone. As these releases have specific hardware dependencies, we will need to ensure your phone is fully supported before we can test and release those to the operator. Once the quality has been assured, the Security Patch will be delivered to your phone. Due to this, the Security Patches are dependent upon your device model, operator and also your location.


    Is Nokia 6.1 Plus part of Android One? 



    What are the benefits of Android One?

    With Android One your phone is guaranteed monthly security updates for at least 3 years after the initial phone release.

    Is there a possibility to hide the Notch on the Nokia 6.1 Plus?

    We will enable setting to black out the notch in an upcoming update.

    I still haven’t received an update, even though it was announced. What can I do?

    Software rollouts are a phased process so the timing of Android upgrades will vary by country and operator. In case you haven’t received your update yet, get in touch with our support team to learn more about it.



    Official Support App:

  • Please add calculator and quick note in notification bar, so that we can access them even though screen is locked ...please add option to turn off flash light when power button is pressed
    well  that would be great but since we r on  andriod one device 
    geeting a  custom   feature  is  almost a no no 
  • Please give Ozo audio in Nokia 6.1 plus via next update......
    As Nokia helps ti enhance user Experience only Ozi audio is missing in Nokia 6.1 plus .... please give it.... Like & re-post it if you want Ozo 😍
    i want  it    ,     system equaliser  is **** 
  • fb insta whatsapp status videos are poor quality youtube profile picture quality poor too sharpness
    that depends on your  internet connection ,   and the  apps settings   ,   that u have  choosen  for  playing quality
  • After pie latest updates the volume of speaker is reduced...plz fix this I can't even hear call ringtone...while in the public...I trust you...
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    j'ai un nokia X6 2018 mais je n'ai pas reçu la nouvelle mise à jour
  • I am facing the problem with mic. During call the mic goes blank..the person on other side is not able to hear anything..sometime bothy the parties are not able to hear. Switching to speaker the call works fine..I visited nokia care, they are not willing to repair, saying it is network problem. The problem was reproduced in front of them. Still they won't listen. Surprised at their behaviour. The centre at Shakarpur Delhi. I need replacement or refund. How to get it can anyone suggest
  • Fabiandcruz said: 

    You can see in these screenshots, the notification bar in landscape mode is not aligned. Please fix this. It's really irritating.
    Ya it's really irritating
    For me somehow it changed.
  • i have nokia 6.1 plus. After android pie update, silent mode activate automatically even i revert it back every time.  No idea how to fix this issue. Please let me know the proper solution
  • After pie latest updates the volume of speaker is reduced...plz fix this I can't even hear call ringtone...while in the public...I trust you...
    Bro, i am also facing the same issue. 
  • after the pie update, notification bar go up. for this the time and the Battery bar doesn’t seems well. the full screen mode is also went worse. some parts of some apps goes behind the notch. that irritate most. pls fix those problems.   
  • Is there any problem of battery drain because after January update there is decrement in battery performance..fix it early as possible.
  • Facing issue with video calls..Camera quality is worst during video calls.fix it
  • Hello people, I have a problem. So yesterday my 6.1 plus broke, I turned on snapchat and my phone freezed so I tried to restart it, after restart my phone just lagged again and hanged on ANDROID ONE logo, after couple of mins it just died and won't turn on again. Nothing works tried to reset it - nothing, I can't even charge it nothing happens. It just died.. I need some help.
  • Even display colour are not natural , please improve the colour, the photos are not so natural when compared to other phone