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  • Camera Quality
    For me two the most important things that I associate with Nokia brand: superb camera, and unique design...
  • All I need is midrange Nokia smartphone with huge battery ,Zeiss camera with pureview and clear BLACK AMOLED display.
  • rathod525
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    Camera Quality
    1.Camera Quality(Sony Sensor and Camera2API)
    2.Performance(Qualcomm Snapdragon)
    3.Battery Life(1.5 or 2 day)
    4.Software(Android One)
  • Software
    Please bring back all the Symbian S60 features to your new feature phones.

    Make your feature phones smarter.
  • Software
    MeeGo's Swipe UI is so unique. Nokia must revive this simplistic and futuristic UI. 

    Swipe UI on Nokia N9 was ahead of its time.

    I'm hoping to see the same in the near future.
  • Performance
    I need better performance phone because software, battery etc depends on performance........

  • JAVA
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    Battery Life
    In old days we don't have to tell Nokia to what we need.  But now is time . I have a Nokia X2. 02  6 years Old device. I am installed 150 games in that's keypad phone camera was stunning when it only have 2MP camera. I hope new Nokia keypad phone bring back Nokia X2 series and N series. Excellent battery life when it haved a Java or symbain operating system.any way bring them back.
  • Software
    Nokia's without software can have 1000 GB of RAM and 19900 GB storedg, but without a personalization software is worth as now Nothings. That is my very first Android phone and it is Nokia sirocco with None of Nokia soft. I have wasted my company cash to do for my self so kind of mistake. With the new year I am coming back to iPhone. Your phone Nokia is a test, not a business smart device. 

    My advice if you have a spare battery put it in to your brains, maybe it can help you to understanding what customers wont in a premium phones.
  • Write price,better camera sensor,big battery,fast chargers

  • Design
    Its build quality.awsome
  • Camera Quality
    Personally battery matters the most but also having a good operating system also has its perks and also a good camera comes in handy. B)
  • Performance
    Performance is the main key features I consider most when going for a new smartphone.
  • mc_razza
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    A tough one because all of the options are important. In the end I chose design as my favourite feature because there's nothing more awful like owning and using an ugly, poorly designed phone.
    Nokia gets design right. I just love using my Nokia 6 (2017) because it feels great in the hand, easy on the eyes and is made with plenty of thought for consumers such as Gorilla Glass display, high-quality LCD panel and premium materials. Using it feels good, which makes me feel good too!
  • Battery Life
    Nokia के simple phone किस किस को पसंद है #like करो मे अपको हर लाइक पर kiss करूंगी
    Nokia 1600,nokia1200,nokia3010,nokia 
  • Adaptative storage.....
  • Battery Life
    Nokia is good product but cost is bigger then maket
  • Design
    I love these many things in my Nokia 8...
    =Camera Quality,

    My Nokia 8 has a very powerful processor which can handle many tasks at a time....

    "Camera quality"
    Nokia 8's camera quality is very good but only in daylight...
    It's not good at night...
    But I know HMD global will fix it in the new upcoming update soon...

    My Nokia 8's design is very beautiful, sharp, and eye catching...
    The smoothness and shine of my polished blue Nokia 8 catches eye of everyone around me...
    Thanks for that design....

    As everyone know it is powered by the purest & secured android platform...
    But HMD GLOBAL should add his own new UI for their upcoming series of Nokia devices....
    It should also add it's own music player and equaliser for their Nokia devices.....
    Thank you...
    Uzair Ahmed...
  • navs
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    Camera Quality
    Nokia phones are better at build quality, software. But coming to camera, Nokia needs to improve a lot. The hardware used could be better and also the app needs lot of improvement in providing more AI enhancements and better control over the camera. For example, the shutter speed, ISO levels needs more control. Also support for Night sight, RAW mode, HDR+ needs to be given.
  • Battery Life
    When Nokia 2 get stable Android Oreo update..
  • Camera Quality

  • Performance

    All i need is high performance, battery come in second.
    Because i'd like playing games on my device, wherever i am, so performance impact me the most, what would i expect when performance is poor, lag and stuttering, even opening a social media app would cause phone to hang.
  • Camera Quality
    I will prefer mostly camera performance and new features added by Nokia , they are masters on that . I don't care about the performance of Nokia phones..I am confident on that B) .
    But now in android version I sadly missing the essential features for camera " camera button" :'(
  • Camera Quality
    I love phone with camera quality, high performance engine and long life battery..
  • Performance
    Performance 1st but if i prioritize things then the list will looks like

    1 Performance 
    2 Design
    3 Software
    4 Camera Quality 
    5 Battery Life
    6 Storage
  • Design
    I have to say Nokia phones are well designed and pleasing to the eyes.I own a 6.1 plus and I love that phone's design. The glass back is exceptional. I love Nokia phones. Nokia fan boy forever.
  • Nokia is a best product in world.i like vote for camera quality, pure ANDROID and battery backup
  • Battery Life
    matteo.m said:

    When it comes to buying a new phone everyone always has their own preferences when it comes to finding the right device for them. For some it’s all about the quality of the camera. Getting that perfect shot whilst out and about is where the priority lies. For others, it’s all about having the fastest performing device out there.

    Others simply just want a phone that has a reliable battery and the ability to make a lot of voice calls without worrying about having to charge their phone

    Whichever feature you look for most in a phone, we want to find out what was the most popular amongst all of you in our community. Are you looking for a phone with lots of storage? What about the extra battery life?

    Take part in our poll and have your say in what people look for in a new phone.