Battery draining

After android pie update the battery of Nokia 7 plus draining faster than earlier. Even when I on the battery optimiser but not use Plz fix it Nokia

Battery draining

RP chand RP chand
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After android pie update the battery of Nokia 7 plus draining faster than earlier.
Even when I on the battery optimiser but not use
Plz fix it Nokia


  • Yes I have same issue battery drain very fast before it would not .please fix it immediately.
  • Same battery issue with my Nokia 7 plus device...its draining too fast that it doesn't even giving 1 day back-up on average usage
  • saq saq
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    Same here i doubt that my phone's battery has died or its a software bug infact my phone is only two months old
  • I don't have this issue. Infact my battery life is better after the pie update. However I have a different WiFi connectivity issue. It appears that Nokia has given us different builds with different bugs. I hope that's not the case.
  • temequu temequu
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    No, I haven't seen such flickering yet.

  • saq saq
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    Oreo was much better than this pie
    I can bet nokia's software department is too weak
    After months od beta testing what we got this buggy pie infact i would love to stay with oreo than this
  • dotdot dotdot
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    Check which app is draining your battery, if its display then try adaptive brightness. You can try addaptive battery manager. Disable any app that draining your phone battery in background.
  • dotdot dotdot
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    Also clear all the apps(ram) after using......
  • qudrat qudrat
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    Yes same issue with my phone battery draining very fast after pie update
  • sanjaybaba sanjaybaba
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    Yes NOKIA is now at this time is Known for CUSTOMER'S HARRASHER by giving different types of BUGS
  • Severe battery drain after android pie update.I only get 10-11 hours of screen on time with or without usage.
  • I am having nooia 6.1 plus Pie, i usually get 5hrs of Screen on tome, but suddenly it reduced to 4hrs now.Screen on time of 4hrs is so heart breaking.
  • Please fix battery draining issue in Nokia 7 plus 
  • yes battery usage time gets shorter after every monthly update, its soooo significant after pie that I have to report
  • Get this fixed now! There's NO WAY that this update is your fault but you should currently be bashing down the door of google!

    S8s are experiencing the same problem  

    For a battery this soze its terrible. I'm about 20% of expected battery life for a usual day's use. 

    Get Google to fix this asap! 

  • Anyway to go back to Oreo.
  • albyalby albyalby
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    I'm having the same issue with my 2 months Nokia 6.1. Battery used to last almost 1,5 day and now it barely lasts 24h with little usage. After a Google search it seems that this is happening with other manufacturers as well. However, it's very unfortunate that no Nokia admin has replied to this thread yet. Does anyone know how/if it is possible to do a 100% backup of Everything before downgrading to Oreo again?
  • vikssharma vikssharma
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    Heavy battery drain issue in N7+.
  • tpamparo tpamparo
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    I don't know but I have contrasting experience about battery life. I just bought Nokia 7 plus last two weeks ago, out-of-the-box build is Android 8.1 with May 1, 2018 security patch. Mine didn't upgrade immediately to Android 9 as I was informed that updates were having problems rolling out the first week I acquired the phone, so i get to experience the phone with its out-of-the-box build. I experienced so many problems with it including rapid battery draining (a full charge cannot sustain a day with regular social app switching and mobile data on, need to recharge around late afternoon or the evening) and stuttering UI round about on general use. Upgrade to Android 9 rolled out last week and i observed better battery performance (same usage: full charge can sustain a full day, i only charge the next day) and smoother UI transitions.
  • While commuting to work I can lterally see my 6.1 losing 1% each 3-4 mins. Sad. It's not Apps.
  • sunnypro sunnypro
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    After the pie update my battery was draining drastically but in a few days it got fixed and my battery drain had came to normal but though there were some bugs, in dec i received a update for bug fix , from that time my battery has started draining fastly again. A trusted brand like nokia should read these threads and fix all the problems soon
  • I have the same issues too. 
    what you need to do is just turn off adaptive battery on settings. 
    I was told that it will drain the battery so much in the beggining of the improvement because the device are trying to adapt our usage. They say it will take a week or two, but since my usage are not certain each day, it takes longer. I already use more than a month and it gets worse.
    just turn it off. and everything was fine. back to normal.
    hope this help.  :)
  • Totally agree, I have a Nokia 5 with a brand new battery (only 5 days old) due to a bug in the last one, and on Android o I could get up to 4 days, on Android p I get 1 if I am lycky
  • Chris Oxi Chris Oxi
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    Truly disappointed with Pie on Nokia 5. I fully charge twice per day and still don't know whether phone will be working for wake up alarm. Phone was working excellent 1 week ago with Oreo
  • Chris Oxi Chris Oxi
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    When purchasing Nokia 5 a year ago, specifications never mentioned battery drainage after 3 hrs. You really need to resolve this issue. A lot of our work is depending on these phones and they can't just stop working such sursudde
  • I'm having the same problem in my Nokia 6.1 plus.. battery is draining toomuch  quickly after pie updation. Hoping it will fix soon 
  • Same battery problem here with my Nokia 5 and Android 9 (Pie). I see 55% of battery drain during the night. Nokia has no solution
  • I have Android Pie with January update patch. I am experiencing battery draining and wifi problems.. at first I thought there is some problem with my internet service provider but then when I saw that other phones on the same wifi were working great I contacted Nokia Support and I got a kindergarten response on how to connect to a wifi network and how to troubleshoot by entering all the values in the advance settings. When I further asserted my problem then asked me put my phone factory reset as the last resort.
    With wifi I have experienced problem to the extent that wifi network shows as 'disabled' but on the other hand my hp desktop and mi phone are connected to that same network and have no problem as 'disabled'. Even whole writing this message my phone got disconnected with the wifi.
    I today charged my phone to 100% and by the time I have finished writing this message my phone is less than 80%. Earlier my phone would fast charge but now it is taking longer time to charge and I have to daily charge my phone while earlier I used to charge in two days or sometimes more (depending on the usage).
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