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There are only three important things for a good phone. 1. Camera, 2. Camera, 3. Camera Watch the order :-)

POLL: Favorite Feature on a Phone


  • Camera Quality
    There are only three important things for a good phone. 1. Camera, 2. Camera, 3. Camera
    Watch the order :-)
  • Krishna Krishna
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    Waiting for New technology mobile in Nokia 
  • Please come Nokia 9 at a competitive price like 50k.... It will more then enough to be a market leader by over taking over priced phones with less feature and with no security updates.... 
  • Performance
    Nokia 1 has a good 4GVloLTE connectivity.Good camera.Battery life and Good performance
  • <blockquote class="Quote">
    <div>Noorilahi said: please make a phone given features in 5 inch </div>
    <div><p>When it comes to buying a new phone everyone always has their own preferences when it comes to finding the right device for them. For some it’s all about the quality of the camera.  </p><p><b><i>Screen 5 inch Full screen  water drop FHD display</i></b></p><p><b><i>Dimension like Nokia 3</i></b></p><p>BATTERY with fast changing (3400-4000mah,)</p><p>prosserser :-Snapdragon 632-660,</p><p>Rom pure android not good but costumize ul like MIUI has best features</p><p>Mobile with face unlock,finger print unlock</p><p>Dual volte sim support</p><div>
  • Camera Quality
    Powerful Processor and good  Camera is better feature in a Phone
  • Performance
    nokia 5.1 plus best point is Prosesser...
    Ian playing Asphalt 9
  • Performance
    The term performance means that the phone should be performing well in every way whether camera or software infact we all know without good software even good optics fail, infact we should not forget after sales support which I believe makes or breaks the deal, after all everyone wants to take their loved one to a good performing doctor in a hospital which is performing. well 
  • Software
    I voted for software because it controls the customer experience & the specs of any smartphone
  • Performance
    Performance because iif a phones performance is right its googood for me. Including the battery life etc so Nokia is expected to perform at high standards as it has history and life span. 

  • ivishal ivishal
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    Camera Quality
    Nowdays everyone user is power user people spend so much time on phones so it needs to be packed with good battery life. 4000.mah should become minimum capacity now. Every new phone should have this much capacity as some manufacturers are also pushing it to 5000mah so why not 4000 as minimum capacity so no one will be concerned about battery life. Specially when nokia is providing stock android so battery management is so better on Android 9 nowdays so both these combinations will be an awesome feature for any phone in market. 
    Size - All phones are now coming with 6" displays but also bezels are disappearing so its not a big phone too. But there are some users who prefer phone which can be handled in one hand easily and needs not have to use other hand to access fjll display. I think this is the reason Nokia 7.1 was my obvious choice. So my next Nokia phone should be same build of 7.1 packed with 4000mah battery any new processor + OIS + 4K 60fps capacity I will be happiest person to but it again. 
  • esudareva esudareva
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    Camera Quality
    My preferences:
    1 Camera Quality
    2 Battery life
    3 Design
  • Performance
    Very nice
  • Battery Life
    <blockquote class="Quote">
    <div class="QuoteAuthor"><a href="/profile/wilson%20shrestha">wilson shrestha</a> said:</div>
    <div class="QuoteText">Its a hard choice but battery life is what I need the most. I wish someday in my life time I see phones that doesn't need to be charged at all. 😄</div>
    Solar phones😀😀😀
  • Performance
    I like the performance of my old Nokia Lumia 730 still better than the present Nokia 6.1 2018 edition because of OS difference.  I'm using Android 9.0 but it still lacks some basic features. 
  • افضل مميزات كامله لا تعطيني مساحه تخزين جيده وتصوير متوسط او العكس اريد جهاز متطور من كل النواحي من حيث مساحه التخزين وعمر البطاريه والأداء القوي سريع في كل شي هذا هو ما يفرق بين الاجهزه في الإمكانيات من حيث الأداء والسرعه بدون تهنيح اري انا المشكله الملازمه لمعظم الهواتف هي عمر رنترنت البطا أو مده التشغيل عند بدء تشغيل الانت او الالعاب فانها تبداء بالتفرغ ولا تباقي اليوم مما قد يصيبك بالاحباط التطوير هو سنه العصر اتمني التجوير للأفضل في كل النولحي المدرسه<div>
  • Nokia camera is the best feature.
  • giadamino giadamino
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    Battery Life
    My favorite spec is battery capacity, durability and long total lifespan.
  • Tukur36 Tukur36
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    I will like to see more Nokia phones with Amoled screen and an improved glance screed
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    Battery Life
    Battery life. Camera . Build quality like nokia X2-02. and excellent performance
  • Nokia 3310
  • Maj75 Maj75
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    Hi guys 👋. I'm amateur.
    Have a question ...

    When I received Android pie , i have nokia 6
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    Battery Life
    Battery capacity
  • What I love about Nokia, is that they have a perfect balance of all the features. And thats what need. We all need a good looking phone, with timely software updates, which performs fluently, takes amazing pictures and lasts a day on single charge.
  • Design
    Not working app lock with unlock fingerprint

  • Haroun Haroun
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    With price and brand taken out of the way, the single most important thing in a phone for me is the processor; clockspeed, build process and GPU.

    Once that's sorted, battery and equally important, charging speed, design, ROM and RAM, connectivity, sound quality, etc. come into play. 
    I'm not a picture person so I don't bother about the camera.
  • Storage
    Please hmd provide under 7000 new phone have a notch display and 2gb ram 16 enternal with 4000mah battery
  • Performance
    As votes show so far, great performance is the best characteristic of a Nokia phone. To be honest, in my Nokia 6, I am content with the battery life, and also Camera. However, my Nokia suffers from a Zeiss one.
  • Camera Quality
    I voted for the camera because I believe everything is very similar across all phones. All have got the latest processor (except Nokia :( ), all have got big batteries with decent back-up and the software is also dependent on Google, except for superficial tweaks by manufacturers. So only differentiation comes down to looks and camera quality. I find looks to be subjective so camera quality is the only differentiator and currently Huawei leads the pack followed by Samsung and Google and Apple.
  • Battery Life
    I voted the Battery life too but there are some other things that make me wonder. For example, why no camera button? Staying on the camera, I use also a Nokia Lumia 830 running on Windows 8.1 with a 10 megapixel Carl Zeiss sensor who despite being a 5 years old phone has the camera button and takes better pictures than my Nokia 6.1 that has no camera button and a 16 megapixel Carl Zeiss sensor. I don't really understand how this is possible. Another thing that for me is madness is the fact that Nokia developed the Here Maps and now my Nokia 6.1 uses the Google Maps. Don't know guys but this seems pure madness to me.
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