Nokia and Galileo (GNSS)

Nokia phones Galileo ready- Nokia 8 Sirocco- Nokia 8 Nokia 5.1 Plus and Nokia 3.1…

Nokia and Galileo (GNSS)

Philip_05 Philip_05
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Nokia phones Galileo ready
- Nokia 8 Sirocco
- Nokia 8
also Nokia 5.1 Plus and Nokia 3.1 Plus?

When more smartphones will be support Galileo?


  • Philip_05 Philip_05
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    (no Galileo information in Tech specs undermentioned smartphones) :/
    - Nokia 6.1
    - Nokia 7.1
    - Nokia 7 plus
    - Nokia 8810 4G

    App GPSTest to check your smartphone is Galileo ready (EU blue flag)

  • Philip_05 Philip_05
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    - Nokia 6.2
    - Nokia 7.2
    - Nokia 2.2 -no GPS/Galileo information in Tech specs (probably No), but MediaTek Helio A22 support Galileo

  • Deerp Deerp
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    Is this the same thing as in developer options where you can tick to get full gnss? Pardon my lack of technical ability in this subject but if I did tick it, what does it do?
    I can post a screenshot if you don't know what I am on about?

    I got Nokia 1 Android Pie September 5th security update.

  • Philip_05 Philip_05
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    Thanks Deerp

    "Force full GNSS measurements" look like developer tool to test GNSS systems, improve GNSS in smartphone and access to raw GNSS data

    No changes after ON this option in my smartphone

    More information

  • Philip_05 Philip_05
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    A few words about Nokia 4.2 and Galileo. In this smartphone official Technical Specification no information about Galileo, but Snapdragon 439 support Galileo.

    Last time I tested satellite navigation in this smartphone and I can confirm Galileo is working on Nokia 4.2! 🤗

    TA-1157 Android 9 SP03 January 2020 security update

    Blue EU flags (sat coordinates blurred)

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