Android Pie - 00WW_5_140 - list of bugs

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Shall we try to make a list of bugs? And add how annoying we think these bugs really are for us?  
I will start with a first attempt - if I forget one I will add my opinion about in a new comment.
- compass  - I don't use a compass
- manual focus of only 3 seconds - no bug but standard behaviour - nevertheless annoying 
- focus behaviour in video recording - I don't make videos
- clicks in video recording - workaround: make 20 seconds extra at the beginning (said somebody in this forum)
- saved fingerprints disappearing - bug - not annoying because I can avoid it if I keep the battery above 20% and that is not that difficult with the good battery. It's even bad practice to have an empty battery.



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    - no problem with click sound at the start of video recording. With this update this is fixed for me.

    - yesterday I drained the battery to 0% and my fingerprints weren't lost. But I didn't turn On the phone immediately, it was turned On by itself when I checked the state of charge.

    The thing I hate the most is the camera, that refocus every time, when the flash is used, and press the shutter button. This is the main problem together with the low ISO that it use, for the very dark photos made with flash in complete darkness.
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    - OK Google not working - bug - I don't use it.
    - using flash in complete darkness - something this camera can't do - no problem at all for me.
    My advice is to never use flash on smartphones, and not only my advice: 
    - etc.

  • And how to take a photo like this of my dog when even I don't see with my eyes where is the dog?
  • Wasn't the fingerprint issue solved with the January update? I lost fingerprints after the original Pie upgrade and every phone reboot. And could only add one FP. But after the January update, no problems at all (TA-1004).
  • @ Hans The clicking problem really does seem to disappear if you do 20 seconds of warm-up video. Not 20 seconds as part of what you want to record, but a seperate, warm-up so that you’re ready to go when those swans fly past overhead (I filmed swans last January without having to warm up first).
    Thanks Hans.
  • Maybe it's just my concussed head, but I think the 8 is almost “jumpy” in Pie compared to Oreo. It frequently opens apps I don’t want, like it suddenly respondsto gesticulation instead of touch?
  • HMD made the mistake of implementing Galileo satellite compatibility (it comes with the Snapdragon 835 chipset but can be switched off by the maker) then trying to ignore its existence. They were working on it, one lady told me last spring. Any questions I have asked since then have simplybeen ignored.

  • - horrible camera
  • Bugs I've encountered so far 😊

    * Compass - as everyone else - I don't use compass feature that much

    * Click on start of video recording - somewhat annoying - but no showstopper (focus on video is bad  but I can live with it) 

    * Bluetooth audio heavily distorted on some devices - this is a showstopper for me, but it's been this way since the upgrade to Android 8 - had hoped that Pie would fix the issue, but no...

    The last one (BT audio) is so annoying, that I use my old Moto X Style in the summer, when I ride motorcycle.
  • With the last update
    - I don't have click at start of video recording
    - also don't have any problem with BT audio. Even now is better, the sound with my hands free is louder. With andAndr8.1 was very quiet and barely useable on noisy street.
  • jdan
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    Since update no more wifi problems in my own home. Wifi was lost in one room now and then.
    Another plus. Copy and look up and copy and speak settings aren't lost - Google Translate and T2S apps.
    I wonder about sd card problems. I had to remove mine. (I don't need it really.)
  • - also don't have any problem with BT audio. Even now is better, the sound... 
    Yea, the Bose qc35s is sounding somewhat better (I think) - I also hope that it keeps connection better, but the distorted bt audio is for spesific devices - it was reported since A8 - guess I have to report it again.
    But most bt hardware is probably working OK on N8 - so I'll have low hopes that it will be fixed ever. 
  • When I let the phone lock automatically after the idle timeout I see that when the screen turns black that the HW buttons light briefly up and then the phone cannot be unlocked for several seconds. It doesn't react on pressing the power button or when I press my finger on the fingerprint sensor. I have to wait several seconds (>10 I believe) until it works.
    This is clearly a bug in Pie. I never had this with Oreo.
  • I seriously think that folks reporting e.g. "horrible camera" may have defective phones or at least need to do a factory reset, which can resolve a variety of issues.
  • I seriously think that folks reporting e.g. "horrible camera" may have defective phones or at least need to do a factory reset, which can resolve a variety of issues.
    That would mean that 90% of users have defective phones, which wouldn't surprise me at all.
  • @Potemkin You can let it be, we can let it be. What said Juho Sarvikas, as he spook about Nokia 9 Pure View today? "HMD IS THE NUMBER ONE IN "CAMERA". 😪 Without words! 😡😡😡 I can't hear it anymore.  Perhaps the 9 works better than the 8. But, I have enough from her "Service" and "Support".
  • AND THEN? Are you believe in that then HMD does his Job and gives us an Update without mistakes for a "perfect working" Nokia 8. I can not believe it any more. They HAD the possibility since more than any months. They had all informations from us (I wrote to/ informed the support with my problems in detail, too), but......

    The "results" know all users here. We speak and inform, and from HMD comes.....nothing.
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    I'm just explaining my understanding of how they prioritise bugs and how we can "play the game" to make sure these bugs are not forgotten.
  • potemkin said:
    I seriously think that folks reporting e.g. "horrible camera" may have defective phones or at least need to do a factory reset, which can resolve a variety of issues.
    That would mean that 90% of users have defective phones, which wouldn't surprise me at all.
    What I also implied in my message was that it isn't my phone (I can only speak for my own) that is taking bad photos - or recording bad video - because it does take excellent pics and great video with alternatives to the stock app.
  • I have to correct myself. My bug report is not a bug in Pie.
    I have found the reason why this is happening on my Nokia 8. It was the app Greenify. It was set to automatically hibernate. But that is not working properly on Pie. I reconfigured Greenify and now I don't have this problem anymore.
  • I have an issue with two Nokia 8 after update: mic on headset (e.g. original Nokia wich cable) is very low, no conversation possible ;according to the support this has not been reported before. I have my doubts. Any solution known?
  • There is currently a known bug by Google where certain sites and apps will not work on WiFi when connected to a DSL router.
  • The clicking issue truly seems to vanish on the off chance that you complete 20 seconds of warm-up video. Not 20 seconds as a feature of what you need to record, yet a seperate, warm-up with the goal that you're prepared to go when those swans fly past overhead
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    As the March updates didn't fix any bugs (there are two sorts of March updates), it is perhaps time for an update on what users have advised on the Nokia 8 forum so far for those running 00WW_5_140(_SP01).

    Lack of a working compass ...

    Drastic measure: roll back to OREO
    Complex solution involving lots of steps ...
    Explained in detail here ... Don't forget to read all the posts in the thread to avoid automatic updating ...

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    I'm an amateur photographer and I walk pretty much in the city: all those sideways are hard to find with the N and S inverted ...

    You could use "Locus" for example, where you can manually set the speed at which the app switches from compass orientation to GPS and if you choose it low enough, it works much better for pedestrian navigation than Google maps ore Here WeGo ...

    Download "Stato GPS" from the App Store and in the app force the phone to re-download A-GPS information every 15 minutes. This has been a good workaround for me.
    @Francesco Baccini

  • jdan
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    Disappearing fingerprints 

    Fingerprints disappear if the battery drops to 0%, and to avoid this just don't turn it on immediately, left it to start by itself at 20%.
  • jdan
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    You may (still) be dissatisfied with the stock camera

    Either have a look in my manual to be found in the discussion Tips and tricks for the Nokia stock camera (version 86.9.1130.21) to see if you can improve your photos with some tip or trick (including chapter 13: Troubleshooting).

    Or use a Google camera port. One of the best ones is to be found in the discussion Pie- standard camera or gcam - together with a complete list of settings used by @Francesco Bachhini.

    Video clicking sounds the first 20 seconds
    Two workarounds if you still have it.
    Edit the video afterwards and cut out those first seconds.
    Do a bit of warming up - shoot one or two videos of 20 seconds before your actual video ...
    @Hugh Matthews

    (I wasn't allowed to include links!)