Nokia 8 Microphone problem PLEASE HELP !

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I got a issue with Nokia 8 what I believe is microphone issue. Its randomly happening whenever I pick up a phone call or I call somebody. They either cant hear me or they hear me really poorly and a strange loud noise is coming from my side.

What I observed so far:

- it is happening randomly (for ex. I called with my sister an hour ago and she said she cant hear me properly and there is a loud noise, when I called her back it repeated but when I called hear after 15 minutes our phone call was crystal clear)

- it looks like its not affecting videos, when I try camera it captures sound nicely

- it affects sound messages however (Messenger/Viber/Whatsapp) all are dead during these "anomalies" so they are working randomly too.

- I downloaded numerous microphone testing apps and they are always working (really strange)

- it is not a signal problem

So from what I observed it should be software issue rather than hardware issue (hopefully) and the problem is switching on and off randomly. Didnt saw anyone reporting this, found one guy on other forum reporting the same issue so I will link it here:

Any help is appreciated and hopefully this will be removed in future updates. 



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    Same problem here!
  • I've got the same problem, and it just started affecting my video recordings to. I hope they'll give us an answer on what to do, 'cause the phone is pretty useless without the ability to make calls!
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    Signed up just to say I have the same problem.... Nokia if you're reading this, please investigate!
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    Hi all! Thanks for the valuable feedback. We always forward it to the relevant teams, but to make sure we have as much information as possible, we also kindly recommend being in touch with customer support. They will be able to record all the relevant details and try to provide some initial troubleshooting steps.  

    Wishing you a wonderful day and a swift solution!


  • Anna:

    If I contact customer support they will just tell me to use the warranty, I doubt they will be able to record "all the relevant details" as you stated above.

  • My wife has the same problem on her Nokia 8 (128 GB) and I don't have it on mine (64 GB). The noise only occurs in phone calls not in video recordings so it should be a software issue I guess as was pointed out before.

    Will also check her phone with a microphone testing app soon.

  • Same here, its gone when I use the speaker. Looks like interference between the 3 mic's. Is it possible to disable a mic?

  • It is most probably hardware issue afterall. I got more fresh info since I posted this topic.

    It is also problem while recording video through camera app. You can hear some "noise" when you record something and max out the volume, if not you dont have the same problem.

    When I installed 3rd party camera app, the sound was horrible, interupting everywhere. The original one works probably because it just uses mono sound and the second one is deaf or something I dont know.

    Problem is I won my phone in competition and yes it should have WARRANTY (thats what the app says) but I dont have any proof of buying so I am kinda afraid to send it back in Britain when I am from Europe without any proof of payment.

  • It really looks more like a hardware issue now. After recording sound with the Sony Audio Recorder app ( even with no sound (not speaking etc.) you can clearly see the bottom bar at 80-90% load and the top one being at 0%.

    Looks like one of the microphones has a hardware issue.

  • After using the Nokia support chat on the phone and explaining the problem the suggestion was to use the Nokia repair center to send it in.

    I now returned my phone to the vendor as defective to get my money back and order a new one.

    However, as this is a core functionality of a phone I thought it would have been tested before leaving the factory. Also, I've seen and read about some pixel/display problems some users are experiencing - also something that should've been visible at the end check in the factory.

    I think this is more or less a QA problem @Nokia / HMD Global. Not Nokia quality, but it's also not a Nokia factory anymore...

  • I too have the same problem. The other person is not able to listen to me. This happen randomly. I was thinking this is a problem with network. Should I return the phone
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    I'm having the same issue on my Nokia 3, it has happened twice since I bought the device 1 month ago.

    It is not a network problem. I have disabled 'Suppress background noise' setting to try out if this issue goes away (I will keep you posted), but a workaround is never the perfect solution.

    @Anna, I can take it to my provider's customer support, but I already know they will tell me to leave there my device for weeks and they'll just update the software (although it is up to date) and that's not I bought my phone for.

  • The same problem here.

  • Same problem here, sounds like metal rattling in the speaker also sometimes the other person I'm trying to talk to cant here me also gives strange sounds when notifications come through.

    Car phone warehouse not able to help as it was 36 hours over their 30 day cover and no way around it apart to send for repair, Nokia no good as they told me to take back to CWH, only had it since November.

    I was hoping this phone would last a few years with the price we paid, come on Nokia we came back to you so you help us, ok I know your not the real Nokia that used to be but you take our hard earned money and then walk away :/

  • Just to update this post.

    I think the problem is tied to the "electricity". I noticed whenever I charge my phone, after I unplug it from the charger, the problem with microphone is there, when I restart the phone afterwards - its gone. (Not completely tho) my microphone is working but I cannot say its an OZO quality as its marketed, I can hear some disortion in the background.

  • When I have done test recordings with an app called Hi-Q I hear the quality of the recording change over the first couple of seconds and the noise level drops quite suddenly with some of the input settings. Loud noises also seem to trigger a change in behaviour. Is there an connection with your speaking volume and what happens? Are any of the (three) microphones blocked (eg by a case)? I think Ozo recording uses the front and back mics and the bottom mic to do some clever stuff with (try rubbing each in turn when videoing). Only a guess, but if the phone is trying to do some filtering and it isn't getting the signals it expects it might do something odd. It seems unlikely to be faulty if the camera app always works.

  • Same problem here! Any news about this?
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    Got the same issue starting Jan 30, 2018. Interesting observation, if you sing directly into microphone the noise disappears. Noise sounds very much like radio frequency noise, like microphone picking up radio waves (not grounded?) Went to Nokia Hardware Support entered IMEI (my phone is 2 months old) however got this message The IMEI you have entered is from a phone that was not shipped to your country and is not currently under warranty I guess Nokia decides to screw customers over, well mean no more Nokias for me. Not proper way to win customers back.

  • This issue started to happen on my Nokia 8 as well recently, I can hear others but they cannot hear me. To them it sounds like a hard wind blowing in the microphone, like if I was calling outside during a storm. Audio in video recordings is the same, as in I can hear nothing but loud scratching in the videos I recorded. This happens after I got Oreo installed, before there was no problems
  • Exactly. We need Nokias attention about this issue and atleast a confirmation that they are aware of this.
  • This seems to be software issue. I was about to ship the phone to Hong Kong and I had received Oreo upgrade. Once upgraded the issue is gone, its work ok now. However, my daughter complained that she can hardly understand what I am saying on my car Bluetooth over cell phone connection. Over Viber car Bluetooth was nice and clear.

    1. Potentially Oreo might have fixed microphone issue

    2. There is a chance Oreo has broken bluetooth

    3. Silence from Nokia over this issue is complete disregard of their customers They can have great product, but if not supported, its garbage.. As I was about to spend $900 to buy Pixel 2 and ship Nokia for repairs and sell it for whatever  once its back fixed. Support nowdays is the most important, specifically for the phones, where you need replacement phone while yours is being repaired and it is not happening with Nokia and their support limited to India and Hong Kong, and may be UK, not sure sucks! Their support center has not replied to my tickets for a week now. They should have known Oreo can fix the issue, but said nothing.

  • I do have Oreo on my Nokia 8 as well, and the issue didn't begin until after I got Oreo. It is a puzzling issue though, as the phone returned to normal again after I connected it to the charger. For the last 2 days, the phone has been working perfectly with no microphone issues. I'm sure though that it is only a matter of time before the issue reappears.

  • Well, too early to celebrate and absence of Nokia support is troubling. Oreo upgrade fixed the issue temporarily.

    1. This morning the issue reappeared

    2. Bluetooth was actually working good yesterday

    3. When company may have crappy product but good support vs good product and absent support, who wins?

  • Received another Google security update just now and issue has cleared again. 

    No noise for now.

  • I received a Google security update today and had to restart after it installed. Now the microphone issue is back. Videos I record now only has scratching noises as audio like if I had been recording things while in a storm. When doing a call, the receiver has a hard time hearing me for the scratching noises. It is very puzzling, and rather frustrating
  • Next security update will fix the issue. Nokia stays ignorant on the issue - ****.
  • Guys I contacted them via email and they responded and asking more questions about the issue, lets see if we can solve this. I linked them to these topics so write as many info as you have about this issue.

  • Don't forget its HMD global that make the phones under the Nokia logo, however they are still rubbish and no customer support to solve problems, got our hard earned money and run.

  • Since last security update week ago, I had not have any issues with microphone. There is one thing I had removed from my settings, which I thought might have been a contributor, VoIP account. I wonder if this might be common denominator among all of us with this issue.