Nokia to announce the "4.2", or will it be the "42"?

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Hi all,
There's a rumour of a new model being announced this weekend by HMD, the model is rumoured to be called the "4.2". This comes from an unverified source on twitter.

Now, there hasn't been a Nokia phone with 4 in the title, at least not started with the number 4, due to this number apparently being bad luck in some east Asian countries.

So I think it's very unlikely. However, maybe it's not the "4.2" but actually the "42" and it will come with "Don't panic" written on the back?!

"Don't panic!" could be reasonable advice for HMD customers at the moment, since one lot say "Where's my pie?!" - "Don't panic" is a reasonable answer. The other half of HMD customers say "My pie update is broken!" - to which HMD's answer seems to be "Don't panic" is the give an answer at all.

However, what we seem to have learnt (especially with the Nokia 8) is that the broken updates don't get fixed. Please HMD, prove me wrong.


  • wilson shrestha
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    I loved the way you threw shades at Nokia. 😄

    Yup, same old problem with HMD with not enough focus on their previous existing lineups but launching tons of phones in a single go. Hundreds and thousands of bug report on every single phone of theirs but they tend to care less.

    Maybe they will realize their mistake in the far far future during the launch event of new
    Nokia smartphone.
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    @madbilly Yes there is no Nokia phone start with 4. Is @juho told anything about the 4.2 naming convention? 
  • madbilly
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    @nitheesh No I didn't get an explanation for the choice of using 4.2, instead of just 4. They decided to start using the number 4 because they saw other manufacturers were doing this and it was becoming more accepted in the Asian countries where it is generally considered bad luck.

    I think they chose to go directly to 4.2 because the .2 phones are their second generation... except that the 9 PureView is not the 9.2 and the 1 plus is sometimes called the 1.1 plus... The confusion about HMD's choices of model names just "keeps getting better with age!" :D
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    @madbilly sometimes their numbering will be getting me confused :s
    :# I want to think twice, which one is 7.1 and 7 Plus :'(