The new My phone app icon is here

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Howdy, Tim here from HMD.

Today we rolled an update including a new icon for the My phone app (formerly the Support app) on your Nokia smartphone. Take a look.

We recently ran a poll to decide on the creative direction of the app icon and received a lot of valuable input and feedback. After the poll ended, our team took the top voted option and went back to the drawing board, along with the 2000+ votes and 150+ comments. After a few design rounds, we decided to apply the Google Material Design system to the concept, resulting in this new icon. Thank you all for making it happen, we hope you like it too! 


  • Looks really awesome in person. Good Job with working with us and designing this. 
  • It's Looks Better Than Older.. And App Is Also Fast...
  • I am really loving the new app! It's much more fluid than the previous app.
  • Please implement applock, ram cleaner,junk file cleaner,memomry mnagement in myphone app
  • Better to have dedicated apps for community and device monitoring by which user engagement could be increased.
  • Hey, I don't know where to contact but I feel Nokia should bring by the old phones like e71, e73, e51, c5,etc.
    I feel in a modern world we do need to be old school. The definition of phone is changing continuously. And we miss those Nokia phones please!!
  • Very good icon. I also have some cool icons from the website
  • Very good icon. I also have some cool icons from the website
    Please don't spam.
  • I agree with this.
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  • <i></i>Can you please also update the launcher? I would like to see the double tap to sleep feature.
  • Ben77
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    Can you bring a new skin to the Nokia. 
  • madbilly
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    Sarvikas told Gadgets 360, HMD Global experimented building its own launcher and dialler, but decided not to go ahead with these apps because they didn't actually benefit the consumer. "I don't want to do something different for the sake of doing something different," says Sarvikas. On the other hand, Sarvikas explains, the company felt it was actually adding more value to the user experience by customising the Camera app, for example.
    Interesting... I wonder if HMD left an APK lying around? :D

  • Nokia worst experience in camera.. display and UI...not easy to make call..2 steps are required here to make a call quality is not well..need improvement not looking natural pic....and change ur launcher ..imp improvemneed in battery management like samsung phones
  • Mick1965
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    Pretty icon.
    Shame the app doesn't work as good.
    Predictive text does not always work right.
    Editing is a real pain, tap on a mistake or something that you want to change and up pops the recent files list....why?
  • My phone icon is not working.
  • Evindzer
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    It would be better to fix the app itself than to make a new icon - that is ugly, btw.
  • Please just allow me to remove the clock from the notification bar, I need that space for well... notifications, the space in there is really limited, and the clock alone takes like 3 spaces.

    Also, has been two years of promises to allow bootloader unlock, would be nice to fulfill that promise so that at least other people can help us fix the company's shortcomings :/
  • Hi nokia5.1 display issue is clear by updating the software..or are you cheating customer 
  • Is there any night mode in Nokia 5.1
  • Please bring Android 11 update in Nokia 5.1 Plus

    With new icons and theme changing Features like material You