Touch and fingerprint sensor issues.

This is for the first time that I am experiencing any issues with my Nokia 5.

Touch and fingerprint sensor issues.

debadityadas debadityadas
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This is for the first time that I am experiencing any issues with my Nokia 5. After the Android Pie update, there are ghost touches occuring at the lower middle part of the screen and it happens especially during typing and browsing through social media. Secondly, it's a very strange issue that I am facing with the fingerprint scanner; at times when the battery level goes below 5%, and the phone is rebooted at that point of time, all the fingerprints which were previously stored gets deleted from the device. I habe to re-register my fingerprint and when similar situation occurs, I face the same issue.
I believe, both the issues can be solved through an OTA update.


  • Michael Jensen Michael Jensen
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    Lost fingerprint issue have been reported by several people where, still no solution from Nokia.
    Usually it works for me to just add a "new" finger, then it starts remembering all the old ones too, even they are not listed. Then next restart, it might be that only the "new" finger will be remembered and you can now add all the old ones again.

    Main thing now, until it gets fixed, is to not have your phone run out of power.. But seems Nokia forgot about us..
  • Nadzirul Nadzirul
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    i was report many time at customer care but i receive same answer from them that annoying.. im so frustrated.. after update to pie.. it give a lot problem.. i feel like use a old phone software. 
  • Now May 11th and still problem with deleted fingerprints (on empty battery) and unacceptable battery drain.  When is this going to be fixed!
  • Dilshad1234 Dilshad1234
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    Did you done April update,it good one for hmd team
  • Grobar Grobar
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    Yeah, this one is weird. Complete mess after the April update. So far it seems like fingerprint issue is resolved with newest May update. We'll see after a few restarts. It's just a security patch, but I don't know, it just works.
  • <div>fingerprints are missing every time after update install. And I can't recreate its immediately, because process stops at 5%. I should reboot my phone once to fix it and unlock ability to create fingerprint</div>
  • Robin Hatwan Robin Hatwan
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    Vibrator not working in my Nokia 5.
  • Paoulo Paoulo
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    My Nokia 5 keeps requiring fingerprint rescans. It reverts to the pattern swipe unlocking instead of fingerprint scanner after any power off use.

  • PradeepSL PradeepSL
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    still the same.

  • I concur with you. The finger print sensor teñds to deactivate itself. As I try to unlock my phone using a finger print, the phone seems to have forgotten my fingers.

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