Nokia 6 (2017) keep killing apps and bad battery life after Android Pie update

Like we already knew, that Nokia 6 2017 already has pie update on mid febrFebr. Since the first day I love pie so much. Until I realise some issue.

First, the battery was waaay worst than Oreo 8.1. I love the way that pie give my phone a new mind of performance, no lag or unresponsive apps. So fluid and run like a new device. But the battery is drain so fast. Like I need to charge my phone 3 times a day (for all the records, I always plug my phone under 40% of battery, so it means I lost 60% my battery every 3 hours). 

Let say the battery issue happened because of aging battery, but what about the killing apps on the background? Yeah my phone keep shutting down all my apps on the background. If I did some multitasking like changing apps one or two, the last app I opened always recover from the first session. The most annoying is the taxi app. If I want to book some trip, and I need to check my destination on maps or chrome, and when I changed back to the taxi app, it's start from the beginning, like, I already entry my pickup point, why do I have to entry again? And don't forget about Spotify or YouTube app that killed while I replied messages on WhatsApp. So annoying.

So please HMD or Nokia, please fix this issue, or I have to roll back to stable Oreo. I don't care if I have lag or slow performance, at least I can make a quick book for my trip, so I don't have to keep my screen for single app all the time. I need your feedback. And if anyone have the same issue or have some solution, I'm very appreciate it. Thank you.


  • martin.fd
    martin.fd ✭✭✭✭
    You realised this a Nokia 8 thread?!
  • For the record, since the February Pie update, my Nokia 8 hasn't been killing apps like JuiceSSH anymore while they are on the background. Absolutely no idea about Nokia 6 though.
  • you'r right bro.........