Problems after Android 9.0 update

Anas Chuhan
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Yesterday I updated my Nokia 3.1 from Android Oreo to Pie. After this new update I am facing many problems like phone is getting slow. Suddenly it stops responding and black screen appears and the bottom back and home buttons are covering much of screen space. Android Oreo's were fine. Is there any official way to rollback the update?


  • Yes t<span>he navigation bar is abnormally huge in mine too.. wish it was as small as the status bar</span>
  • My wife's Nokia 3.1 also has several issues after upgrading to pie. It is unresponding many times a day, screen dims down automatically, has to reboot several times a day (often when calling + receiving call) and it's very slow (even w/ ~1 GB storage available) 
  • Obazda
    Obazda ✭✭
    pie is super buggy on nokia 3.1
  • Anyone knows if Nokia is coming out with a patch for Pie anytime soon? That would be a great help. 

    Thanks, Jeppe 
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    <div><a rel="nofollow">Obazda</a> said:</div>
    <div>pie is super buggy on nokia 3.1</div>
    My phone flicks at low level brightness is it usual after update?
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    We need a new Pie build because even mine is so buggy Google play music isn't working after pie update and even my battery drain faster than before on Nokia 3.1
  • Conqueror
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    IRN said:
    Obazda said:
    pie is super buggy on nokia 3.1

    My phone flicks at low level brightness is it usual after update?
    Android Pie comes with adaptive brightness feature that adapts to your usage and automatically adjust the brightness level to fit your present scene 
  • Think pie is better on 3.1 than Oreo personally
  • Obazda
    Obazda ✭✭
    still cannot make phonecalls on sim one can those guys at nokia pleas fix their stuff