HMD, Really? The quality is horrible!

Yesterday I posted a topic on phone calls not working properly, which hasn't gotten any replies, but I really need to vent here.

HMD, Really? The quality is horrible!

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Yesterday I posted a topic on phone calls not working properly, which hasn't gotten any replies, but I really need to vent here. I bought the Nokia 8 10 days ago, 10th Feb. That particular unit had A: Faulty Power Button, B: Faulty Volume Up Button and C: Faulty Front Camera. I took it to the store I bought it from (DNA, Finnish operator) the next day and with some hassle, got a replacement unit.

Excluding the oddities of the phone itself, that seemed to work fine. For 7 days, that is. Sunday evening, 18th Feb, I made a phone call to my dad to find out THAT THE EARPIECE IS NOT WORKING. Everything else works fine, just not the earpiece in my end. I have tried EVERY SINGLE TRICK in the book, apart from factory reset, as I don't have WiFi in my student apartment, and couldn't be bothered to use a public one. Within these  6 days, the update to Oreo 8.1 is included. Now, I thought it could somehow be possible that an update messed up the earpiece, but upon downloading Phone Doctor Plus and running it several times, I have come to the conclusion that the earpiece is broken. HMD, REALLY? I have always had bad luck with electronics, but FOUR CATASTROPHIC FAULTS IN TWO PHONES, which are from a different batch as they are different colors. And, coincidentally, as per the policy of the stores in Finland, I will not get a replacement unit as I the defect wasn't found out within 7 days of purchase; I found the fault on the 7th day, in the evening, 4 hours after the stores closed, so I couldn't return the phone in time.

So now, I need to return it to the store, wait for them to send it to warranty repair, and in the meantime use MY OWN MONEY to buy a spare phone, as my SIM Card contract is not from the place of purchase, meaning that I'm unable to get a loan phone from them (note: these phones would be old junk like Lumia's and J3's from 2015 anyway). I need a smartphone on a daily basis too. Do you honestly expect me to stay with this company if I ever get this thing sorted?

For the price, the phone is EXCEPTIONAL, even with it's oddities and niggles. Just that, THEY ARE FAULTY AND DON'T WORK PROPERLY. I mean, really. I had high hopes, and was hoping for a successful comeback, I've heralded the price-to-quality ratio of Nokia phones to all of my friends, and this the reality? Can't remember the last time I've been this disappointed and mad at the same time. Can I get my money back or a free replacement? Jesus Christ.


  • Can I ask what was wrong with you power button on your original Nokia 8
  • For the first 10 hours or so, the power button in the original faulty model worked sparingly. I even initially thought it was due to my silicone case being stiff, but no. After the first factory reset to try and get all the faults to work, it stopped working completely, so I couldn't even power off the phone when I left it to be replaced. The button worked mechanically, but nothing happened upon pressing it.

  • Hi guys,

      Same problem for me, the power button on my Nokia 8 works very intermittedly, in fact it didn't even turn on out of the box! I tweeted Nokia but they did not respond, the phone is going back to the store now. I've seen another person on XDA forums with the same issue. Really not impressed as I bought Nokia based on my experience of great build quality.

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