Nokia 8 Split Screen

Every time I unlock my phone it starts the split screen function... Any way to disable this ?

Nokia 8 Split Screen

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Every time I unlock my phone it starts the split screen function... Any way to disable this ?
Nokia could prevent the recent button to work while the screen remains locked...


  • jeminous jeminous
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    Have the same issue. I think Nokia should add some delay for enabling of split screen function right after phone was unlocked.
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    I also had a problem with my Nokia 8 and unintentionally going into split screen mode. A mode I personally consider beyond thoroughly useless but that's beside the point. What helped me a lot was... Settings >> Accesability >> Touch and hold delay. Changing this to "medium" cut down significantly on my split screen misactivations.
  • LennartB LennartB
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    I also have this problem but got "used" to it and really try to put my finger on the sensor only... But that's not really a fix.
    I agree with with the OP that the recent app button should be disabled while the phone is locked. @203, I'll try that, thanks for the tip.
  • LennartB LennartB
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    I've e-mailed this issue/feedback and linked this forum topic via

  • 203 203
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     Good luck!

    So far HMD/Nokia has shown no indication that it is prepared to implement it's own core  functional improvements and enhancements to it's phones.

  • LennartB LennartB
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    Well they got back to me and said they will pass these suggestions on to the devs, so fingers crossed!

  • Well.. since official 8.1 Oreo the issue didn't occur anymore and i'm running it for over a week now.

    So it seems to be fixed.

  • I am having the same issue with Nokia 6. It is annoying this much, that I want to disable multiwindow, but there is no option for this. Nokia please improve this part of you product.

  • Hello everyone is the any solution to the nokia 8 split screen I'm struggling with the fone

  • youhippy youhippy
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    @jowie cruger feel . If I remember correctly, this is what I also did on my Nokia 8. It helped. That split screen was pointless.

  • TemiN6 TemiN6

    There is recurrent automatic split screen on Nokia 6. It is annoying and renders the phone useless. Help please.

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