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  • Unable to update system software. Update failed. Phone Model 3.1
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    Dave B said:
    I don't think it'll be long now for generic UK handsets, operator branded ones might take a little longer due to the extra approval needed. Mines generic and I haven't got it yet.
    Hi @Dave B I learnt from HMD technical staff in the UK that the UK is a special case: all operators must approve an update before it can be rolled out to any device, even unbranded unlocked ones. I don't know if this includes MVNOs. Since HMD uses the same software for all phones worldwide this means that all phones of a given model in the UK need to wait for the operators to approve the update. Other manufacturers who still follow the approach of every operator having a specific software build don't have this problem as the unbranded device updates don't need to be approved by the operators.
  • Hola everyone! Seems to be enjoying my still Nokia 5 with the latest update from HMD, Android 9.0. The display has been great but just that ever since I the upgrade started which happens to from Android 8.0 my phone volume has been low not loud when I bought it then it was on Nougat. Is anyone experiencing such?
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    @Omaciano please ask this question in the forum section dedicated to the Nokia 5.
  • matteo.m said:

    Hi everyone,

    We recently produced an infographic which explains, in detail, the planning, work, and processes that the HMD team has to go through to make Android software rollouts happen.

    I am keeping this post short, because I think the infographic does a much better, in-depth, job at explaining the workflow. But it would be great to know what you think about it.

    Here's the link:
    The New infographic Update is Better than previous, Good improvements are there & I am fine with this.. but I have one request to you pls make solution for Font Style change in display  and  also pls provide recording tab option during call. And one more thing is that  the lockscreen clock move outside from the centre or reduce its size like smaller size... If u fulfillfthis few requirements then everyone can gives better feedback and support Nokia to become a perfect  phone in the world! Thank You!
  • Why im not receiving march security patch 
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    Why im not receiving march security patch 

    Please be patient.  


  • It would be so nice if I (and anyone else who stil doesn't have it) could get the February update on my (and their) nokia 8s, as it's incredibly frustrating.
  • Nokia I would like the bold clock on the home screen to be introduced back 
  • I would rather have issues than weeks vulnerable to exploits. That infographic should stop at step 2. Maybe people could opt into stable but the priorities are all wrong. I guess because of the disastrous stateof the android providers in general.
  • kindly, update full buzzel vedio player, taking picture quality of camera struggle in low light, improve music sound quality.
  • Why no Android Pie update for Nokia 6 TA-1033?
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    @user1535458953585 I don't agree. For a major version release of software you can't just take the Google source and chipset vendor modifications and release it to customers, it will be full of device-specific bugs which will probably be bigger security exploits than the ones which are patched in the security updates.

    I would rather be on Android 8.1 with stable features and without bugs than on the latest Android and "security update" with a bunch of bugs like we are seeing on many HMD phones which were hurriedly updated to Android 9.

    So, @HMD, please ignore @user1535458953585 and continue with the rest of your steps and spend more time on all of the testing and quality checks steps so we stop having these daft issues like broken compass and broken geotagging on the Nokia 8.
  • HMD need to focus equally on all devices starting from Nokia 1 to Nokia 9 PureView regarding SP/MR updates time to time so that it will be more useful for customers to Enjoy their mobile experience better
    As a Nokia 2 user still facing the Update issue As this device Got Oreo 8.1 with December 2018 SP and still device lags like a tortoise
    Request to Push the updates quickly
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    So you says that outdated chip set,but I say its their outdated thinking and planning towards  the devices
    Have a rewind on July 2018 month,Nokia 2 got the update with Version 1.15M,it was clear that the Oreo which was shipped with Full baked Oreo was one of the ever best software that a 1GB device requires,it was the ever green update with no bugs and no issue.And that was the normal Oreo without go optimization i'm damn sure that the codes like Go optimization will not work in devices which device got certified as Normal Android. That's what the real fact but no one doesn't care about this still asked for go optimizing and at last got a half baked one

    With this I can say that this is not a chip set fault,its only the HMD Oreo development team who doesn't placed the right code in right place with that Device got authentication failure from google play either as a go variant or normal android and app doesn't work well and as you says made it a outdated one.Even the Microsoft devices with This chip set made their device an excellent devices like Lumia 650,even they served that device utmost care by taking proper consumer feedback until their plan for discontinuing their mobile lineup completely and taking all types of faults seriously makes that device work well.

    Only the thing to note is that difference between Nokia by HMD and Microsoft Mobiles(Now discontinued) is Microsoft has Better connectivity bond and takes all types of bug acknowledge seriously from consumers and company and work very aggressively.until the bugs gets clear they don't even push the upgrades and updates.but where as Nokia by HMD was quite opposite

    So changes in their should be necessary for a company who wants to give monthly updates and OS upgrades regularly without bugs and making their device among the strongest after Google devices 


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    I have nothing to say just Will Nokia fall again for the same reasons?
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    matteo.m said:
    @madbilly Had a talk with a few users which answered this thread offline. We are exploring the possibility for you guys
    What possiblity ? Sir grab Nokia 2 device upgrade it to Oreo and try to live with it for one day , open Facebook on the browser , Twitter on the browser and just normal web browsing (there is nothing here that heavy users do ) and tell me whats your experience with that phone in the one day , and offline doesn't means users dead it means we are sick of being ignored from Nokia or either some users busy and will come back online soon so give them a reply and wait like users wait for security patches ...
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    @user1529613671146, @user1520881638007user1542746849815 I had no idea that the usability of Android 8.1 on the Nokia 2 was so bad, I had assumed that the Go optimisations were a good compromise, but you say it was actually better without those optimisations? Strange.

    Are you reporting all of the problems to support directly, via chat or email?
  • @madbilly
    hello,It looks like strange but being a beta tester,i can say that it was like a bugless Upgrade given to a device
    Also it has been the longest stay with that beta version without any issue
    Regarding Your query on reporting myself has been given it via feedback app along with the Screenshots,but when it comes to support chat/phone/mail i can say that it is waste of time as they even don't know how to deal it,even they don't have 10% of knowledge to deal regarding the beta version compared to former Microsoft Mobile team,really whatever the issue you have  irrespective of severity,they have only one answer
    And for Advanced User->They will take the IMEI numbers and suggest to go nearest care center for device solution
    that's it.with this they taught me a big moral lesson that whatever the problem you may have how much the severe it is,just they will get one solution and that is the above Highlighted One
    That's what Every Nokia 2 Users are facing such a horrible issues with this device
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    @user1520881638007 I know the support experience is incredibly disappointing with rubbish answers and no real technical knowledge (it seems), I just wanted to make sure that you had reported it. I hope that the long delay since the last update means that HMD are actually working on fixing the problems.

    @user1529613671146 I'm not no.1 fanboi, that's someone else ;) I agree the beta labs situation for the Nokia 2 was very strange, because it took so long and they actually seemed to make things worse! Conversely, the beta labs experience for the Nokia 8 was also bizarre, because it only lasted a few days and the full release had all the same bugs! I find HMD's approach with beta labs to be very unsatisfactory, it's nothing like what the old Nokia beta labs was like.

    I have no explanation for the odd things that happen, I can only assume it's because they can't afford to spend resources on fixing things properly. Which is a very poor excuse which will harm their reputation in the long term.
  • Please my nokia 7.1 is stuck in download mode for some three says now...any help?
  • on Nokia 5.1 plus is missing the notch , in developer mode the full bezel is missing in display settings also is missing that option , so when you gone do that option to work , I have pie and security of March. :/  :/
  • Working awesome and smooth, I love everything but I little disappointed about there is no option for app.
    If possible do something on it.
  • lol I have the last update ! Read before you post something 🤣🤣🤣
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    So we are almost at he end of Q1 my Nokia 5.1 has not received its PIE update, is it due to my network suppliers  EE UK or do we have issues with PIE running on a 5.1 
  • @Tg064
    if you cannot wait to experience the PIE taste then you can use VPN to get the updates as soon as possible.but remember it is safe to look for the UK telecom grant permission if they ready to give Pie update
  • Wow, this is a very beautifully edited info-graphics with a bunch of knowledge.
  • after the pie update, my compass doesn't work properly. always show the opposite direction. Nokia 8 TA 1004
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    after the pie update, my compass doesn't work properly. always show the opposite direction. Nokia 8 TA 1004
    The April update may fix that, check in the Nokia 8 forum ;)
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    madbilly said:
    after the pie update, my compass doesn't work properly. always show the opposite direction. Nokia 8 TA 1004
    The April update may fix that, check in the Nokia 8 forum ;)
    I just have to agree. :)  After the update works as in Oreo. :smiley: