[Moved] Android Q

when can i get Android Q update on my Nokia 8.1 

[Moved] Android Q

Narendraraj S Narendraraj S
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when can i get Android Q update on my Nokia 8.1 


  • singhnsk singhnsk
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    At least let Google officially announce Android Q. It is still under Beta and not even final about what features will be finalized. After it becomes official at Google I/O, OEMs will start pushing it. Your Nokia 8.1 should be one of the first devices to receive it when it is available.
    Meanwhile, some Nokia phones will be a part of the Developer preview. It's currently unknown which phones will make to the list. The 8.1 has a good probability of being a part of it.
  • Manus Manus
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    when can i get Android Q update on my Nokia 8.1 
    That's the most ridiculous question I ever heard in this section of the forum.
    Before the schooling part let me ask you a question; what are you exactly expecting from the Android q update? Well sure Google probably going to give us back some of the useful shortcuts such as the access to the WiFi and Bluetooth devices.
    But in the end Google won't allow the hmd to add the best stuff to the Nokia phones and we all know that hmd won't be adding anything new either, because everything that added by hmd will be count as bloatware in the terminology of Android one, you have to stick to the Google like a sheep.

    And seriously what gives you to idea of you're gonna get the answer of an update status in this İDEAS section, seriously man 😒 no offense I'm not mad at you I'm mad at the moderators-do your job guys, seriously. 
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