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Avoid magnet to lock or unlock Nokia6, or not?

Hello everyone, Today I put my Nokia6 on my wallet and it lock itself, which is good as I dont need to push the lock button. When I get it back, the screen lights itself. I chat with support and found out "moving a magnetic object behind the phone from right to left can lock or unlock it. The support person told me to avoid it. How do you people think?

You cannot unlock a phone with magnet. If you have set a screen lock, it may lit the screen, but it will not unlock the device for use. Probably you are using on-body detection?

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Yes, I mean that. The screen was lit. Body detect is also off.

Tech Wizard

The screen lock behaviour can be adjusted, but I would prefer to have a option to disable the home/fingerprint button when needed.
I added a screen lock PIN and set the phone to lock immediately (Settings > Security > Screen lock = tap the blue sprocket) - then added a fingerprint for the middle finger, not the thumb, to try avoid accidental unlocking when handling the phone.

I have not found a way to make 100% sure the phone remains locked - when apps for navigation, Sports Tracker and Music are active - while driving on the motorbike and walking with the phone in the pocket.
Sports Tracker has its own additional screen lock mechanism so issues like this must be relatively common with Android phones?

The behaviour of the home/fingerprint button seem to have changed with the 7.1.1 update.
I hope this is still work in progress.


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