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Hi! We’re really excited you’re here. 


We set up this forum because we wanted to create a peer-to-peer community where you can come with your most burning questions, share your ideas and tips and chat with fellow Nokia phones fans around the globe. Just dive into our Product category and start troubleshooting. 


We've got quite a lot of discussion already with many topics covered - you can always check if you question has already been discussed by doing a quick search. You can also check our FAQs that we regularly update. 


We have a General Discussion area where you can talk about everything under the sun, keeping in mind good manners and our House Rules. There you can also tell us what you love about the community, what you don’t love and how we can improve.


This forum is operated by HMD Global Oy. HMD Global is the exclusive licensee of the Nokia brand for phones & tablets since December 2016 and our remit covers only the devices listed on the Nokia phones site.


Please be aware that any other Nokia related activities/products (e.g. networks, health and virtual reality) are not in our scope. Please also be aware that Nokia Lumia products are the property of Microsoft and any questions relating to Lumia devices should be directed at them. 


Lastly, while this is a place where you can come for peer-to-peer discussion, the forum is not an official technical support channel. For tech support, please contact customer support.

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