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Share both sides of the story with Nokia 8


Hi everyone!


Last week we announced the Nokia 8 and we couldn't be more excited.


With the Nokia 8 you'll be able to: 


Use both front and rear cameras simultaneously with Dual-Sight mode

Stream live video to Facebook Live™ and YouTube Live with a single touch

Record 4K video with Nokia OZO spatial 360° audio

Keep your phone pure, secure and up-to-date Android™ Nougat 7.1.1 OS


Get more info and full specs here

You can also check out our videos: 

Introducing the new Nokia 8 with Dual-Sight mode, Be less Selfie. Be more #Bothie

Nokia 8 with Nokia OZO Audio – Experience the Difference


What are your first impressions? We'd love to hear your thoughts.


- Anna (moderator)

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Nokia 8 seems to be a great phone but I would love to see it with a bigger display, like 5.7 inch one and with wireless charging. Anyway, hardware seems to be nicely done. That camera UI needs to be changed asap. 

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I like it and I see its purpose. It's conventional in terms of design and seems to be made to survive in the long run. Offering a bigger screen seems logical on a future flagship model, because people also like big screens :) I hope the software support will be at a high level to fix all the early bugs and further improve the camera. All in all, it will have its place on the market, but again, we know the trends :)
Can't wait to get my hands on the copper version! As far as I can see the camera is pretty decent, will there be any software improvements under the hood in the future?

Hi, Nokia 8 looks really nice, but I recently recieved my Nokia 6 (couple of weeks ago) so I just cant, how much I even want the Nokia 8, right now. Expects are high for Nokia 9, the true flagship. Waiting for a bigger display and less bezels then Im sold :). Please bring :)

 After all, i think this first "attempt" to the flagships market is well balanced from Nokia.

Of course it's amazing to have back Zeiss lenses (very very appreciate the OIS that became very rare even on competitors flagships), OZO Audio is something absolutely impressive: a plus that could lead Nokia on the top from the media features point of view.

Personally speaking I'm not a big fans of bazeless phones, not a big fan of phablets screen either so I think this Nokia 8 is quite balanced from the dimentions point of view and I'm going with it for sure before Christmas.

I would like to know if there are some reliable news about the Shiny Blue (more powerful) version, when wil be possible to find it on the market and if (how) the price is higher compared to the normal one..

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 Why it doesn't Wireless charging? Why it doesn't have an Amoled screen? This is a "must" nowdays...

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" user547: Why it doesn't Wireless charging? Why it doesn't have an Amoled screen? This is a "must" nowdays... "

Maybe because in order to have wireless charging they should go with a plastic or glass back but they decided to go with aluminium.

And honestly I totally agree with them because the making of the Nokia 8 (and 6) chassis is something amazing, with very high quality and a way that Leica (only to name one) followed for T/TL/TL2: a piece of art.

For the Amoled or IPS well, not everyone think that Amoled is a real "must" nowadays due Amoled still suffering of the original problems, only little improved with SuperAmoled or so.

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I don't want to sound (neither I am) apologetic, but as a person with eye sight problems, LCDs tend to be more comfortable to look at compared to OLED. Don't know if other have that feeling, but that's just personal preference. They should go OLED on the rumored bigger model so that there's choice for everyone.

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 Wow! It's so good..but I've just had my Nokia 6..amazing 360o sound recording and dual sight mode..!

Nokia 8 looks great on paper. Still I'm waiting small 5”>= flagship phone. After Note2 and Huawei P9 I'm looking smaller phone with clear Android which also has flagship phone specs. Legendary HTC Desire (original) size was great but screen-body ration was too small (screen was a little bit too small) Amoled screen would be imo better than LCD with HDR colours.

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Nokia 8 is promising but I am not sure whether it has FM radio due to the implementation of Qualcomm CPU 835. 

The previous versions of the Nokia was not able to connect to common bluetooth speakers like JBL Flip and so on. Even when they connected they were only usable as voice controls and did not play music. Will this is be the same case for the new Android Phones from Nokia ?

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I am in the exact same situation!!! I'm not overly happy about it either. I've even tried going back to the retailer in the hope they would do some kind of trade in but they wouldn't have any part of it. The only things keeping me somewhat happy was the price of the Nokia 6 (& I am actually pretty happy with it) & the possibility of the Nokia 9. From what I have seen it looks amazing. Particularly the larger screen and upgraded camera!!! Come on Nokia, this type of thing really isn't good for your loyal supporters!!!

Hi Anna, I remember an Anna from the past period of Nokia. I owned a Nokia N8 and was a participant of the Nokia forum under the same nickname as this forum. Are you the same person as the Anna, who frequently reacted  to the critical remarks of forum members? I remember that past period very well. Websites/facilities like Navifirm, Nokia care and Nokia suite, where firmware/software/ROMs were available for repairing, synchronising, updating and upgrading the huge amount of different Nokia phones. Spoiled by this very open policy of Nokia I have the following questions, based upon my experience with my Nokia 6, about the actual Nokia 8 of HMD. Is the bootloader of the Nokia 8 locked and not unlockable by the owners of the Nokia 8? Is the recovery/cleaning of the internal memory limited to account data and the other data installed by the owners of the Nokia 8? Is a flashing procedure in case of firmware problems available for the Nokia 8 or is the procedure just a matter of sending the Nokia 8 to a HMD service point, which can easily be located in a different country? BTW, in the Netherlands is no HMD service point. In my opinion I consider myself not as the owner of "my" Nokia 6, but as the user, since HMD treats Nokia owners like under-age persons, who are not capable to take the right decisions as to their Phones.  As moderater and therefore employee of HMD you are in the position to bring light into the darkness of the actual closed policy of HMD as to firmware.    

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