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Software update

Hello,When will get this device 7.1.1 update?

What's your device. Mine is already in the android 7.1.1 version. Mine is a Nokia 6
Hi I am using Nokia 3
Yep would be good to know when the Nokia 3 will be getting the upgrade
I'm using Nokia 5 and it already has 7.1.1. I bought it two weeks ago then the same day it updated.
Nokia promises fast updates to the new os system. Whether you are having Nokia 3or 5 it won't be an issue.
I think they will give it by last of August.
Yeah m waiting for the update.
Yeah m waiting for the update.
I hope they will improve their camera quality . It's drastic now in 7.0 . Even 5mp camera performs much better than it . It also have focusing issues . Northern front nor rear camera takes a good shot . I hope they will improve it . Nokia is known by their camera quality .
Hello to all Nokia fans from Greece!
Hi friends how r u all!!!!

New update system   Update

Worst camera.
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