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Hello,When will get this device 7.1.1 update?

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Hi guys Nokia beta labs are currently on nokia 5 and 6 so it will be soon on nokia 3 too......#oreo

Tech Wizard

Nahh Nokia will say they will upgrade their phone to Oreo 8.1 at the end of 2018 saying they will skip 8.0 just like they did with 7.1.2 :). If I'm not wrong the Official Oreo might release at April or March of 2018. But still I don't believe it will be happening soon. Even if it happens Nokia will not spend enough resources to make Official Oreo to run more smoothly than current Nougat.The Official Oreo update will bottleneck Nokia 3 to point where its unusable. I think so because they haven't been able to do any good with their high end phones.Maybe they will take more than a year to perfect the Official Oreo by pushing their security patches and other updates. Don't expect Official Oreo to be buttery smooth. Enjoy what you have today.
When Oreo update Nokia 3

Read the previous post from Wilson Shrestha.... He's probably right!

We'll never get an official answer here...  Nokia 3 is obviously their lowest priority and I doubt the mediatek processor can hack Oreo..

Twitter is a better way to Lobby them... I like the idea of the Nokia HMD revival but not sure they're really serious about fully capable low end devices even though their target market in India has a huge appetite for such devices..

Taking on the high end iPhone Market is more appealing I guess :(

Guys Nokia's CPO has previously tweeted on Twitter that Nokia 3 beta labs around the it will be soon......just wait

Tech Wizard

Just wait and you will see that the same guy will tweet "We are jumping to the Android 8.1 on the Nokia 3 for Go like features and can't tell you about dates so that I don't get in trouble." And this thing will go on and on but we are never gonna get the update.
sir my nokia 2 hang hota hai mene abi liya hai sir iska koi soloution kro mera fon chalne lage sir i request u
Just downloaded Oreo from Beta Labs today.. Join Nokia Beta Labs to install.. There is now a separate topic for Nokia 3 Oreo update..
my phone is not avilibel 8.0 oreo beta lab

@user1519498986304: It's possible that your provider isn't recognised by Android update servers. I was also unable to get the Oreo 8.0 Beta when I registered using my normal network (TPG -- a second-tier operator in Australia) SIM. I had to cancel that registration and register using another network (Vodafone AU), and surely enough the update came through as soon as I swapped in a Vodafone AU SIM.

You might be able to get the update if you register and pop in a SIM card from one of the big/major operators in your country, preferably one that owns its own infrastructure.

Also, I'll just like to mention that since I've been on Oreo 8.0 Beta, the frequent and annoying Wifi disconnection issues have stopped. It's only been just over a week though.

Juho sarvikas (ceo of hmd) yesterday tweeted that "you asked, we listened. android 8.0 oreo™ drops for #nokia3 today." It has yet to release in worldwide Wait and enjoy

#nokia_3 If i update Oreo, Internal storage will increase or decrease?? and wat abt the performance??

Overall performance is better than naugat Acreage memory usage
Merhaba ben Nokia 3 kullanıyor um ne zaman android 8.0 gelecek güncelleme
Ami me llegó Android 7.1.1 mi Nokia es AT-1028 Roy esperando Android oreo
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