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Nokia 3 hung so badly every time I use Chromecast with mirroring

I am using Nokia 3 and on first day it hung when I installed Chromecast and tried to do screen mirroring. It happens every time I try to do so. It restarted automatically after few attempts using key and volume keys sono which combination after 15 minutes. On same day I attached charger and it crashed again. I was disgusted and wanted to take refund. Waited one month to buy Nokia and it's such a waste. Please suggest.

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RAM management is pathetic on Nokia 3. It hangs even when I am using messenger like hike or whatsApp and then when I want to clear the memory it doesn't allow to clear anything from memory. I need to lock the phone the unlock it then clear the memory before I can use the apps again.

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i just bought for a few weeks, i feel so sad for Nokia 3, always hung every time. i thing nokia improve , but very disappointed

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Unfortunately Chromecast is currently not supported on the Nokia 3. 

Kind regards,

Anna (Moderator) 

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Hello Anna, and what about serious RAM management, the phone lags permanently ... Thanks

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No chromecast? that is disappointing :(

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Me too, my nokia 3 still logging when i play at that time.. I want to take the refund if ever have posible to take...

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You guys(nokia) should fix the CAST itself if chromecast or any screen mirroring apps doesn't support any nokia. As it is the package of the program put it in.

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 Chromecast doesn't work well on most budget phones.


Actually, Chromecast is available for Nokia 3 because I do use it and it works pretty well. At least with me, it never failed.


You should uninstall/install it and see if works fine then. Or maybe it can be other software that is interfering with Chromecast.

Which app you used for I know Nokia 3 not support for cast???

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Don't worry guys about this. Firstly hard reset your phone with proper backup. Then update it to Android oreo.. then installed your apps from playstore.. otherwise you can visit to your nearest Service centre for more help.

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