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Android O

Hi, when Nokia 6 update to Android O?

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What Update? do you mean 7.1.1?
He meant android 8.0

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Before the end of 2017

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Is this response from "Nokia" the response from a moderator/admin/HMD employee or a user with the user name Nokia? Maybe a verified "tick" like on Twitter would be great on official accounts? Will suggest that in feedback, too, not to go off topic here :)

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Hi . Can we download the beta version of Android O

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I would gladly sign up for a NOKIA beta tester program even if it means I need to download a ROM and flash it myself. How about it NOKIA - create a Beta tester program?

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Before the end of 2017.
Late 2017 is the official line. Hope it comes asap ;)
Hi, when Nokia 3 update to An 7.1.1

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