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Phone for gaming

Hey! I'm a Nokia fan having grown up with the brand and was wondering if any of the new models are good for playing games on? Just things for my commute and such, my ipad is fun but has a more limited choice than an android device. Will I have to get the 8 to play things smoothly or will the other models run things fine? Thanks for any help you can provide!

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I tried Minecraft on Nokia 6 and it rund smoothly

What you need to look at is the GPU and CPU specs. Nokia 5 and 6 both come with Snapdragon 430 which is an octa-core processor.

However, it's been paired with Adreno 505 GPU, found on both Nokia 5 and 6, which is not suitable for newer 3D-intensive games.

Long story short: if you absolutely must pay 500€+ for smooth graphics on Clash of Clans, Nokia 8 is your phone.

Hey thank you both for your advice! I'm not much into clash of clans or the like but I would like to play some of the ports like FF and GTA but it sounds like the 8 is the model to go for. Thanks again!
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