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charging stops to ~80%

Hello, anyone else having problem with charging?

My Nokia 3 stops charging when it reach about 80%. Been charging over night and in the morning i have 79-81%... I have tried different charger but it's not the issue.

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It's very very bad phone I ever used....I have Nokia 6, and it stops charging after 70%, and show warm message pop-up..and I face another issue in ringing, while someone call me my ring silently even if my phone is in general mode with full volume..
My phone is stopped at 80% and won't go no further
Guys please update ur phone to latest version of Android 8.0 recommend so this problem can be Solved I faced this issue in Android 7.1 after updating Android 8.0 this problem is solved 1000℅ gurrenteed

 I don't know why this happened but I suggest you try a soft reset if that doesn’t work I suggest you go for the hard reset and be sure to backup before trying any of the resets.

I had also faced this stuck problem in the time of charging. My phone had always stuck after 84% .if you have the same problem then you should go Nokia care. In Nokia care your mother board will replaced with new mother board.
I saw in 4 days My phone's battery is not fully charged it just show 72 % ever. please sort out my problem as soon as possible .
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