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Nokia Software Recovery Tool for Nokia phones

Please, Nokia - Connecting People, bring back Nokia Software Recovery Tool ( NSRT) for consumers like it was available for Nokia Lumia, Asha phones by Old Nokia. - Helps to recover phone at home - Flash new Big update ffu via home - You can flash official retail rom at any time at home. Please, listen to your consumers. Thanks 

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Software suites, such as the Nokia Software Recovery Tool are nowadays redundant at best.
Android offers a full recovery mode, accessible from the phone's hidden startup menu.

Please see the following link for detailed instructions:

This should apply for Nokia 3, 6 and 8 also, as the button commands are very common for Android phones.

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It matters for most. Xiaomi, Samsung, Lg, OnePlus still provides their tools. It helps to recover for anyone. Just connect the device, tool automatically recognize Nokia phones and ability to flash. ( Also an abiluty to flash other country rom onto same model via tool ). - You don't care. We do care, we are spending money on Nokia and we are suggesting what we need. ( Old Nokia - Nokia Software Recovery Tool, Nokia retail tool, Nokia device tool all for consumers for ease at home. ) Even for naive.

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Even people face problems like ext4, f2fs, or bootloop, many more problems. ( In OnePlus, we just connect our phone on OnePlus msm tool and it flashes latest or retail whatever rom we select). No need to watch anything on YouTube or etc, kust plug device and your device will be like out of the box

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I am facing problem with charging and hanging from the date of purchase. After buying nokia 3 it requires update of 135mb then after updating a message flash that facebook is not responding and same as other apps is not responding. When i plug in for charge it automatically switch off and after that when i hold power button then it works. This action perform 2 times from the date of purchase of nokia 3. Plz give me the relevant answer. I am very upset with nokia 3 comeback performance.

 Rather than a full suit, we, first of all, need downloadable ROMs. So that the customers can flash their phones (via Recovery) themselves rather than visiting a service point.

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im glad with the Nokia 6 thank you
and i will be more glad if you build waterproof phone in future. Thank you
Yes, please bring back Nokia Software Recovery tool. That was really very good way to update/reinstall Softwares.

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Software recovery tools have been a staple at Nokia since Symbian days, not only device owners can self help their devices but it lowers customer service requests and prioritizes attention to those who really need support. Gio

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 Sony have Xperia Companion, which helps really if your phone stuck at bootloop or you have some serious problems.

Through Xperia Companion there is ´Software Repair´ option which helps about the problems I mentioned above.

So, Nokia needs to bring back NSRT

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Nokia recovery tools were very useful to troubleshoot Nokia phones :)

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Yesterday I got my Nokia 6 ,TA-1021, Just now I checked for August security patch update, it shows you system is up to date. There is June security patch, When will I get August security patch update

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I would love for that tool to be put back. I have an Asha and Nokia X that need to be reflashed.

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The best in call phones I had was all Nokia phones; I am pretty sure that the new Nokia android devices will offer us the same experience of high quality,so the NRT will not be needed for no one of us. Btw, until now my New Nokia confirms that!

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