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Nokia Software Recovery Tool for Nokia phones

Please, Nokia - Connecting People, bring back Nokia Software Recovery Tool ( NSRT) for consumers like it was available for Nokia Lumia, Asha phones by Old Nokia. - Helps to recover phone at home - Flash new Big update ffu via home - You can flash official retail rom at any time at home. Please, listen to your consumers. Thanks 

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Your link doesn't work. But anyway I don't agree - there are enough instances of phones being bricked by updates not applying properly to justify the existence of separate PC software for recovering phones. Microsoft have this, Apple have this, some Android phone manufacturers have it (e.g. Sony). So it's clearly a useful thing to have.

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Don't know but I believe that, with Oreo and Treble things are getting slightly more difficult for the inexperienced user; so Nokia should solve some problems first:

- how to manage the multiple partitions that a drive is split into ?

- what to do if troubleshooting isolates issue to drivers/firmware (in one partition) rather than layered software/UI (different partition)? If so, reinstall Android wouldn't likely fix an issue

- so, what should be considered eligible to be handled by the common user ?

Then, in the past Nokia had a NSRT, a Nokia Suite ( somehow the father of iTunes ) but they also had S40 and S60 which were simpler OS . Android is a different story, I wish Nokia would make this alright but I think also they need time.

Would use a bit of more interaction with Engineers 

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 Snapdragon 800 Arm Architecture Nokia Tablet. Over the last week a Windows update blacked out my perfect Nokia 2520 (was updated automatically by Windows.

The screen went black except for flashing wifi and mouse which i can move around in the blacked out screen (mouse appears white).I am trying to find somewhere in Nokia to get a link to Win 8.1 RT because Microsoft will NOT help with Nokia Tablet, even though a Microsoft Update blacked it out and hundreds of other people have had this problem.

I want my Nokia working again, it is in perfect condition before update. This is a deliberate act to destroy property to get people to buy a new one, I am a welfare dependent pensioner and would have to save for one year to buy a new one. I want my Nokia 2520 working again sooner than 1 year.

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Yes, this is a big problem with the Lumia 2520. Microsoft have for some reason ignored their responsibility for support for this tablet, which is unacceptable. My understanding is that you probably need a recovery USB stick, but if you can't boot the tablet then you'll need to find someone online who can share their image with you.

Just to check, have you tried these steps:

Otherwise, I think you're stuck unless you can find someone from Nokia who worked on this tablet. The new Nokia Phones business has no legal responsibility and probably no knowledge of the Lumia 2520, sadly.

Best of luck :)

Yes we want NSRT.

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With more reports of the ADP causing problems with the 7+ it's important that HMD provide this before asking us all to take part in Beta Labs programmes for testing Android 9 for other models.

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