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Nokia Software Recovery Tool for Nokia phones

Please, Nokia - Connecting People, bring back Nokia Software Recovery Tool ( NSRT) for consumers like it was available for Nokia Lumia, Asha phones by Old Nokia. - Helps to recover phone at home - Flash new Big update ffu via home - You can flash official retail rom at any time at home. Please, listen to your consumers. Thanks 

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Software suites, such as the Nokia Software Recovery Tool are nowadays redundant at best.
Android offers a full recovery mode, accessible from the phone's hidden startup menu.

Please see the following link for detailed instructions:

Mobile Number Ka Name Location Address Ka Pata Kaise Kare

This should apply for Nokia 3, 6 and 8 also, as the button commands are very common for Android phones.

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Your link doesn't work. But anyway I don't agree - there are enough instances of phones being bricked by updates not applying properly to justify the existence of separate PC software for recovering phones. Microsoft have this, Apple have this, some Android phone manufacturers have it (e.g. Sony). So it's clearly a useful thing to have.

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