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Needed apps from hmd. Global

hmd. Global Nokia must think about dedicated apps for some main tasks.. Community forum app, A photo gallery app and a music player These apps should be available in playstore so if anyone (like me) wants to have those can grab these easily.

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Also i have this problem.. plz make some special app from HMD..when we use 3rd party app we have to face lot of problems.

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You actually have a community forum option in the support app.

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Stock Android features a Photos and Play Music app. They are preinstalled on your phone, so no additional downloading is required.

There are a number of free and paid music apps that are better than the stock app, for instance, PlayerPro, Poweramp, VLC and Neutron Player.

Developing HMD versions of these types of apps would likely be too costly and time consuming, including managing, developing and updating them.

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 I agree that HMD developing Nokia-specific versions of standard apps would be costly, but what about HMD making exclusive apps that take advantage of unique hardware aspects of the Nokia phones, or include apps for free that otherwise have to be paid for in the Play store.

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Nokia suppose to have in built application for controle browsing of porn sites.


it will be great to see a Nokia/HMD own apps, like dealer, galery, music player. I know that it will be a cost of time and money to HMD but this will "increase" a valor or felling that we are usign a "pure Nokia cxperience". It will be so good.

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