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My Nokia 6 has the following issue , when 4G is open and the phone is not in use (just standby) the device gets high temperatures,

is that normal ? has anyone the same issue?

When it is on WIFI everything is ok.

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It's ok..if you use wifi no heating..but when use 4G have small heat.. it's small heat..not like Galaxy S4

This is normal with all devices especially if you stay in a place where the signal is bad or reflected. The fact that we see antennas signal as good, does not mean that the antenna sees us the same way. The radios of the phones need much more power to stay connected to the cell antennas than with a wifi router. When the connection is not that good, the radios of the phones tend to increase the output power. So, more power - more heat.

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Thanks everyone for the info !!!

Hi how can we on safe mode

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I am also facing the same issue. Also battery is getting drained (12- 13 hrs max in 4G)

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After the Oct update the adaptive display is also heating the phone and it's draining battery very fast

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This heating problem is normal . Its done only when you use multiple high graphic application

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Mine too..
How can we resolve fast drain batteries of nokia 6

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I bought Nokia 6 last week and updated to latest still I have over heating issue with batter drains very fast not even 12 hrs I am getting. Nokia team please help to solve or if you have any return policy please let me know regards Surya

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Charging the battery up to 100%, causes it to discharge faster and overheat. Keep using the phone and keep battery charges between 15% and 90%. And only once a month take up to 100%. This solved my problem of overheating and rapid discharge.
Please do let me know resolution for over heating....It's after the recent update...
There is heating problem in my Nokia 6 and sometimes it stucks

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Hi I'm also facing this issue, overheating.

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