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Nokia file manager and Nokia gallery

At least bring Nokia gallery - dark mode modern UI gallery in-built into Nokia phones. As when we buy Nokia 8 or other high end, Your own gallery and file manager will be very useful. - RAW file ( edit) - Color correction - Nokia color Pop feature ( ) - Nokia panorama edit Nokia file manager will help to easily transfer files and hard drive , Usb support and management of usb etc easily in Nokia's own file manager advanced mode. Also add them in play store to easily update via play store. Please, Connecting People

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An in-built photo editting app that complements the Nokia Camera app would be good.

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Gallery and file manager are a must

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soo u mean lower range nokia phone should not have gallery and file manager......well hello, can u plz buy a galaxy young ( one of the old Samsung phone) ....well even that has its gallery and file manager. com on nokia

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