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Camera app for Nokia 6

Why that app for camera on Nokia 6 does not work? App is on Google play store.

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Which app, and how does it not work - the name of the app or its developer, please?

Open Camera works for me when I need more features than the built-in camera app.


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Hi, you cannot download that app because you already have it pre-installed. It's just in the PlayStore so HMD can update it faster. 

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Aha, ok. Thanx.
I hope HDM give us a new update for camera app , sometimes i press the button for change face camera and not work i have to turn my phone to work ..... I think sometimes the apps was launched without the the test because sometimes i have many glitches in the keyboard ir cámara app or the multitasking or fingerprint button etc i hope this can he fixed ..... Plis HDM DONT DISAPOINT US

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Nokia should update the camera app 1. Faster image processing, it is a bit slow to take two successive photos. 2. Manual controls. 3. Background blur like old symbian phones (when you tap focus on forward subject)

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I have two big issues with the camera on the Nokia 6: 1. The pictures taken with flash on are having yellow tint on them. It can be solved if in manual mode white balance is set to fluorescent but due to manual mode is buried under settings it is very inconvenient to change it. Lumia camera like interface would highly welcomed. 2. Shooting in room light conditions the pictures are way too soft, I hardly can take any sharp photos even with very high ISO. New feature ideas: Photos: It would be a fantastic feature to change aspect ratio based on orientation (portrait 4:3, landscape 16:9) Video: Slow motion videos require to change resolution. It would be nice if it is changed automatically when respective slow motion settings selected to avoid digging in settings.

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In one word default camera app is "WORKLESS" . Third party camera app is far better than it's preinstalled .

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I heard that stable version of beta Oreo will have portrait mode I mean not a perfect one but some what portrait mode. Hope so HMD gives that please.

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Sir i have also in a huge trouble . My camera quality has gone to bad.. In android 8.1.but before this.when my android was 7.1.2 ..then i was having a good canera

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Which third party app have more clarity than the in-built HMD cam app for Nokia 6..?
user1507445306346; "1. Faster image processing, it is a bit slow to take two successive photos. 2. Manual controls. 3. Background blur like old symbian phones (when you tap focus on forward subject)" (1) My N6(2017) takes about 30 photos in 10 seconds at full 16Mpix, that is 3 fps. For what ever smartphone that is not "bit slow" fps at 16Mbit per frame. Just set the "Shutter control" into "Burst photos". Then simply keep your finger on the Shutter icon as long as you feel is necessary. (2) Set the "Capture Settings" to "Manual". There will then be: "Measuring mode", "Focus mode", "WhitePoint", and "EV" -buttons available on the screen. (3) Tap the icon that is closest to the Shutter icon, under it there are the options: "Panorama", "Beautify", and "Photos". Perhaps the "Beautify" is something that you are looking for. For me, the "Panorama" is a very useful tool, works amazingly nicely.
Camera not building panorama. It goes to the option and error message comes app stopped working

Waqas, what OS your N6 has?  The panorama function has never failed for me (and in fact I have never got a "app stopped working" -error message from the camera) but my phone still has OS 7.1.2, I have not updated to 8.0 since I anticipated a lot of errors in the dotZero version (that is the norm with all dotZero versions no matter what the computer/platform is).

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