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Issues with Nokia 3

Device hangs a lot and I think it's software issue not hardware issue . Moto e4 have same chipset but it takes a lot less time to load application's. It takes a lot of time to charge phone while battery drains so fast. Give update of 7.1.1 soon.

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I haven't experienced this with my N3 - I suggest let the phone die completely and charge it while off to 100% - maybe calibrating the battery in this way will improve battery life. Did you receive the latest update for August 2017 security patch?

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Nope not yet

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Nokia 3 Display Flash Not working in Front selfie Camera Plz improve this function in Nokia 3 front Facing Camera

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Nokia 3 camera is worst I ever seen . Even Micromax is doing well than Nokia . I expect this from Nokia . They should focus on camera and also on performance of device . And 1 more thing whenever I open the camera in dark place few white small dots appear all over the screen . And I don't think it have front screen flash.

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However, for people who are simple to use is really impatient. I have it almost 2 months...

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I have also same white dots problem in nokia 3

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Got the security patch last month but without any option to download it. To be precise, whenever I click on system update the new security patch appears with the size of 144.3 mb but without any option to download it/ update to the latest version. #I am using Nokia 3
Which month security patch update ?

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July security patch. The update appeared on July 26
Mine drops WiFi every few minutes, reconnects, then drops again, and continues this all day. It doesn't seem to matter what WiFi I am connected to. I've updated and I've restarted the phone a few times, still happens.

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Iam using Nokia 3 some times it not charging and automatically phone off and apps are not responding what can I do help me some one else

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Same problem here . Sometime when I plug my device for charging it switches off . Then it takes atleast 5mins to switch on.

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I also have had issues with the camera feature. It is not steady and difficult take photo. I checked a review through YouTube regarding N3 and it seems to be a common issue with this series. Last night I tried to see photo and videos through Chromecast and it didn't work, actually the two times I tried the camera app got freezed and phone didn't worked at all at least for 5min until system got restarted and everything seemed to work fine. But my DAD card now shows as damaged due to this. Anyway, I just bought this phone thinking it will be a good option, instead Im disappointed and regret not buying the Motorola E4 that has same type of characteristics, adding fact of fingerprint unlocked feature that most smartphones have but this one not. If possible I would like a change to a N6 or N8 with a discount ja ja . Please Nokia folks help me on this one.
Nokia seems to have No interest in fixing this mess

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