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Touchscreen responsiveness issue

I've noticed a number of daily hiccups while using my phone in normal everyday conditions.

The screen stops registering my taps/slides until I turn the screen off and on again.

There are no smudges or water droplets on the glass when this happens.

No protective screen cover in use.

Should I be worried that this is a hardware issue and ask for a replacement?
I've only owned my new favorite phone for a few weeks.

Android 7.1.1

Touch panel firmware version:



Best Answer

Hi Ken! 

Welcome to the community and thanks for your contribution so far. :) 

I'm sorry to hear about your potential touchscreen issue - without knowing for sure, I'd say it might be worth it to contact customer support (24/7 chat support is available in English). They should be able to help you determine what is going on quickly.

I hope you get to enjoy your new favourite phone without any hiccups soon!

- Anna (moderator) 

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Updated tot Oreo, still same awkward scrolling behaviour. Hardly useable and very annoying. It is overall a very bad phone. Rip-off. Never Nokia again.

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Anyone who tried keyboard app ? Or still same issue ?
Still facing this problem, nokia please fix the issue in next update
Updated tot 8.1, it's even worse with times. Ik guess their response is to buy a 2018 one. Well my response will be to buy another brand.

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Same problem is there any solution ?
The solution is: Buy the Nokia 5.1 :-D
After this complaint I ran an update and up till date I have never experienced the problem again.
I have all updates and patches installed and my Nokia device is still annoying me. Thanks to all these forum postings I will go to the store and demand a swap with a fully working device. If they refuse to take back the faulty device and give me one that is usable it will most probably end up in front of a judge. A legal fight over a $25,- product. I don't mind. I interesting that Nokia does not respond to this forum post --> It is like standing inside their shop and warn the potential customers not to buy any the products inside the shop.

Nokia 5 is the worst Android phone I have ever used

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