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 Hi guys!

A friend of mine gave me a nokia 6 from China with 7.1.1 and playstore installed and april security patch.

Over the internet it says it cannot be updated, when i check the system update it says  its updated... does this mean I cannot get any new updates?


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It would seem that this model being Chinese, presents many software restrictions. I have this problem with this model in France. The answer of Nokia mobile care is to buy a model of our own country !?!?

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Hi, the exporters from China flashed the TA-1003 ROM on a lot of TA-1000 devices, and these devices don't have the option to receive OTA updates. The only solutions is to manually flash the software, but for that the phone needs to be rooted or HMD needs to provide a tool to do this.

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Some words about flashing the Nokia 6 model TA-1000. A proper flashing tool and the proper TA-1000 ROM can be found on the website of the XDA developers. The link is: I have implemented the procedure and as a result my Nokia 6, which I bought in China, is working like it should be. Now my Nokia 6 is no longer a customized version and therefore I am able receiving system updates OTA. The TA-1000 ROM and/or firmware include the July 2017 system update, meaning, Google services are available as well.

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OPPO phone are best than Nokia they are giving good support to customers and care about customers matters.

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I don't think TA-100 can not do OTA, my Nokia 6 got OTA updated from Android 7.0 to Android 7.1.1. But no Android 8.0 update detected. Maybe HMD just did not release Android O to this device.

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