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The Reply button is broken on the Forums

 The reply button on the community is broken. It takes the user back to the SSO/Login page and brings him back to the same post. So, it kinda is impossible to reply to a user in the discussion, since the @ replies also don't exist.

You can also consider removing the captcha for a normal user. Instead, you can use Akismet and also include the "Posting Limits" like the way they existed in old Nokia Discussions.

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I agree, and there should be the option of being able to private message users as well to communicate and socialise further. If there are abuse concerns or anything like that, then perhaps a user can't have the ability to communicate with other users until they have been approved by a moderator.

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Well guys, this is a super basic platform, nothing close to what we had in the past, lacking many of the most fundamental features for a community.

But hopefully, it'll evolve quickly, adding more automated tools.... because for sure pre-moderation of every single post is not a feasible or scalable anti-spam tactic

We will see... 

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The reply button at the beginning of the thread works for me, but the reply box at the end of the thread, just below my username does not work until I go back to the top of the page to hit the reply button. The reply button should ideally be part of each individual post, but at a minimum, at the end of the thread. It doesn't make sense to reply to the original post until reading all the replies.

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Hi AkBrian, 

I already requested that the reply button should be replaced to the bottom of the topic. The change should happen in the next few days :) 

Best regards, 


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