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Glowing Nokia Name

There should be glowing/illuminated Nokia name on each and every product of Nokia....Just like glowing apple logo available I pad n other products of Apple.

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 This would be cool, so long as it also worked like a notification light. All design features must have a functional purpose.

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Back logo should glow There's no need for front notification LED glance screen can do it way better than LED and also it has it's own style; with the Nokia sleeping screen I mean

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I would like to see the return of the "sleeping screen" as a Nokia branded app, but it's important to have customer choice so there should still be a versatile LED as well.

However, the OP is about an illuminated Nokia logo, which would be a great addition regardless of LED or glance screen!

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nice ideas...however is must to be taken into account battery drain....that feature could affect negatively battery performance which is essential in a a feature like that first has to have a purpose, not just a good looking ad on

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