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Android O new Update for Nokia 6

When we get the new Android 0 update for the Nokia 6?

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"00WW_5_580_SP02 is the build number I have listed on my mobile. On a Australian purchased TA-1033. "

I have the same but have had to install a 3rd party app to control ringer/notification volume as it was too loud.

also, are you getting notification count/dots on yr app icons cause I am not.

I've always had my ring set to full and I haven't noticed any difference, everything seems to be normal since my update.

"I've always had my ring set to full and I haven't noticed any difference, everything seems to be normal since my update. "

wow. lowest setting (1 up from mute) is way too loud on mine. in open plan office I have to use Do Not Disturb.

actually past tense all that as I have just installed a 3rd party app which gives 100 steps on Vol, as opposed to 7/8 on native, so now I can control lower volume settings.

odd the difference tho given same device and build.

Yeah it's really strange, it's not affected mine, didn't have the other problems of not connecting to mobile after it, it all went like a breeze, I downloaded it over my home WiFi. What size was your Oreo update? But then you have the same build number... My TA-1033 is the single sim model. I'm running apex launcher instead of the Android issued one and SwiftKey keyboard.Is there any difference between ta-1033 models?

So I still had not received any updates on my TA-1033 in Melbourne Australia with Telstra as my carrier since November last year. Last month, I followed some advice on an Android website, installed an update and once the phone rebooted, it started downloading the security updates and then as I got to the months that the OS updates were released, these were downloaded and updates occurred as one would expect they should be happening.  I continue to receive standard updates now. I'm currently on Android 8.1.0 Build number 00WW_5_580_SP02. The biggest concern I had was not so much updates to Oreo, (although that is nice to have) but more about not getting security updates making the phone vulnerable to attacks. Absolutely no thanks to Nokia for fixing my update issues!

BIRDMAN... I purchased my mobile in November and it did all the updates up to and including the January security update then there was nothing until last week. I'm with aldi mobile which runs off the telstra network. I have an unlocked non telco branded ta-1033. I was doing a manual update check each day. I have a feeling that Australia is a small market and we are one of the last countries to receive the roll out of updates. Saying that I've had other brand mobiles before on Android and you get no updates on the life of the mobile, also with that you get all there bloatware, which we don't have with Nokia. So far this mobiles been damn good.

Whose Handset Laounched Recently With Oreo In Nokia Searies...


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