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Android O new Update for Nokia 6

When we get the new Android 0 update for the Nokia 6?

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Using TA1033 in UK and also stuck on 1 January security update and 7.1.2. Not good enough, as monthly updates were promised.

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As I noticed both here sri lanka and India received oreo update, and then march security update. I got them both too. My model is TA-1021

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That's Awesome update in Nokia I'm happy to raad it.

Camera software update given please
Camera quality is very low please upgrade camera software

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Nokia 6 TA-1000 receive nothing OTA about Android O.

 TA-1000 in Romania. March 1 2018 AO security patch level installed.

22 days since my last post.  Still no update in Melbourne Australia on Telstra Provider OTA update for the TA-1033 and still no information about when we might see it???

Явно тази версия на андроид е бъгава някой знае ли дали ще има корекция примерно oreo 8.1.1 Или 8.2

Nokia 6 in Australia. 

Stuck on 7.1.2 from Jan 1st. 

Tried getting help from Nokia Support Chat sessions. 

Chat session was a failure. They said to remove SIM and update over Wifi. That was a fail. 

Still no update. 

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aaaddd, that is the same advice they gave me a few weeks ago,,,clearly they don't test their own solutions??

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