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Android O new Update for Nokia 6

When we get the new Android 0 update for the Nokia 6?

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i am using nokia 6(TA-1000) after updateing to oreo ,i am facing many issues with it.

1.volte is not working good,and sim2 is not detecting some times,facing sudden fall of network.

2.if i turn on battery saver the launcher is showing like unexpectedly stopped.

3.i tried to hard reset my phone ,after it rebooting it got stucked at selecting language,i am clicking on lets go but till it is not exiting that screen.

 @busk. Thank you fot the suggestion. It worked, but with some issues: the upgrade doesn't have google play services, there are only 4-5 languages, sd card is not recognizable and it asks formatting. These are, for now, and I wonder haw can be fixed, before digging for other issues.

2018-02-07 sweden i get oreo NOW

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Its v5.220

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I've Nokia-6 Model TA-1025 and I'm stuck with Security Patch Level” dated 1st August 2017 and Android Version 7.1.1, Build # 00S0_3_32C_SP01.

It seems like I'm stuck with this Version & Security Patch Level of 1st August 2017. Nothing seems to work. Customer Support of HMD Global is also silent on the issue and not responding to any email query. Anyone with some workable solution here?

nokia6 update8.1

 Hello... Is there anyone with a TA-1025 (Amazon in USA) that has received Android O update?

No. No updates in North America at all.

I don't have 1025, but be glad you didn't have it, because Oreo updates drains your battery slightly faster. So don't update yet. 

Natlet, Saludos y gracias por tus buenos deseos, pero mi Nokia 6 TA-1025 ya cuenta con la versión Beta de Oreo estando en ECUADOR, la misma que me llego via OTA en las primeras semanas de Enero del 2018. Funciona bien, su cámara toma fotos bien y creeme que no he notado ese drenaje rápido de batería. Tal ves sea porque no juego con el o solo lo uso para revisar correos y leer noticias. En todo caso en comparación con mi antiguo Google Nexus 5 2013, su autonomía es mas que suficiente. Mi preocupación va mas por no saber si me he quedado atascado en la versión Beta con parche de seguridad del 01-12-2017, ya que se que otros submodelos de Europa ya están recibiendo la versión Oficial de Oreo y su Parche de seguridad al presente mes.

Nokia 6 TA-1025 (Amazon). Had to do this to get OTA update to Oreo

Settings>Apps. Under the three-dot menu in the upper right corner, select Show System. Then go to Google Service Frameworks, select Storage and Clear Data. Go back to System Update and Check for Updates. It will OTA update to Version 5.22A (not 5.220 as reported). Size is almost 2GB. I assume that Amazon Widget increase the size. No locked ads but the Amazon Icon shows up under Settings, right before G Google (Services & Preferences). I do not log in to Amazon and no Amazon apps are downloaded

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Finally, my Nokia 6 TA-1025(Amazon) got Android O update OTA [I'm not in America though] . I'd been following up with "Customer Support of HMD Global" for some time now. All of their suggestive procedures didn't worked but eventually I got the update on 15th of Feb. Size of update was around 2 GB. My Phone is now on Build# 5_22A [Android 8.0.0] contrary to some other people's claim that they are on Android 8.1 on their Nokia 6.

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