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bring back glance screen

 please bring back a built in glance screen!! just like old times on the LUMIA'S. the 6 has a screensaver but only works when charging.

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Yes Glance screen is a nice feature, Please add this feature

As far as I know, the Nokia 8 already brings Glance Screen back. Although it apparently is nowhere near as useful or flexible as it was on the late Windows Phone OS.

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 Glance screen should definitely be standard on all new Nokias and should have at least the same functionality as the Lumias. It would be great to incorporate Sleeping Screen from Symbian :)

I have also same request.
Well Nokia 8 has it; but it's just a demo version of the old ones; in the wp version I was able to put full screen images at the background (Android version has some similar feature too but the picture that you can put it on is so small) But best version of glance screen was Symbian belle version; with the Nokia sleeping screen app which I believe we could have seen it more if Symbian wasn't abandoned users was able to costumize everything in the glance screen; clock style, notification animations, background images everything. It was even able to show battery situation with an artistic way; the circle around the rounded clock and the line between the digital clock was battery indicator. The always on screen that Android has also able to show these too but none of them has the same beautiful style

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Apparently the Nokia 8 Sirocco should have glance screen but not the 1, 6 2018 or 7plus, which is a shame. I've no idea how much detail is possible on the Sirocco glance screen.

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