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No slot for memory card when Dual Sim Nokia 6

Hi all !

I'm very happy with my new Nokia 6 Dual Sim phone (I switched from Lumia 535). But there is no slot for memory card when there are two sims. That's so unfortunate, because I have already only internal shared storage 18,63 GB from 32 GB and 0,92 free memory from total 2,8 GB. Can I do something for more storage and memory?

Finally my phone unlocks only with code and without fingertip. Why is that?

Thank you in advance for your replies.


I can't help you with the memory, only advise to back up your photos more often and delete the copies on phone (or have a spare microSD for backup). 

For fingerprint unlock, you have to set up the your fingerprint first. Open Settings->Security->Fingerprint. When you've done that, open Settings->Lock Screen and chose fingerprint option. 

 Thank you very much.

 Thank you very much.

Out of 32gb operating system acquired 10 gb only available space is 22 gb then why you are mentioning 32gb as our storage

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I had a huawei honor 5c as my last phone and that was dual sim, or one sim and micro SD. You have to sacrifice one or the other.

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