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Hi guys, just putting it out there but does anyone else think it would be a great idea to have an android app for the Nokia forums? It would make access and communication potentially much more fluid than web based?? I'm not a coder so if anyone has the skills and permissions feel free to pinch my idea! Or maybe Nokia can produce an official app themselves. Anyone else agree?

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Tech Wizard is the best attempt I've seen to make discussion boards available in a browser, on both the PC and mobile.

The small screen estate on mobiles limits what is possible, even with a dedicated app.

We will have to wait and see how it goes as the number of subjects and posts increase.

The forum currently feels clumsy, honestly (similar to Apple's discussions) but hopefully it will be easy to find specific threads later.

I used to be much more productive in newsgroups with slrn on the PC with its keyboard shortcuts for everything. ;-)


Great idea Andy my man, though even with the old ones over the years it is extremely hard to make one for mobile that allows fluent replying etc and browsing. It is not as much of an issue these days, as screen sizes for mobile devices have become bigger and are the norm now. 

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An app would be great and not difficult to implement and most screens people use these days are sufficient enough and of course it would be easy to have an app similar to desktop version and do no tthink there is limits, The forum is just new and will take time to re-jig things and see how it goes like anything new there will be teething issues and work will be done to make things more fluent. 

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At least it is 'Responsive' so having the exact same experience on desktop and on mobile... we'll see how it evolves...

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If they used forum software that supported the Tapatalk API:

  • vBulletin
  • IPBoard
  • kunena
  • MyBB
  • phpBB
  • WotLab
  • SimpleMachines
  • xenForo

There'd be no need to develop their own app they could use the freely available tapatalk app, this is what XDA, Waze, macrumors etc use.

But alas we're stuck on FreshDesk.

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